Tuesday, May 17, 2011

High-Fashion at LaForet!

The shopping center LaForet in Harajuku have some pretty interesting things!

This was last winter and I was going to meet Leon and his friend Yuuki.

Played around with a hair-curler. You can see that I'm a beginner. :/

Leon's friend Yuuki from the same stylist-school and me in Harajuku.

Inside LaForet!

They have such strange things there, so it's really fun to look around. :)

Love their super expensive designer shoes! I don't think I woud like to wear them myself though.

What a waste of shoe tongues! ;D

I was fascinated by this mannequin made up of Nike shoes! :D

Awesome glasses! :D

This is when I took my profile picture for this blog. =)

After leaving LaForet we went to some cheaper stores at Takeshita street where we could actually afford to buy something! ;)

Awesome glasses there too!! =D

Then Yuuki went to see another friend, and Leon and me went to Shibuya to meet Jenny and Diane.

After going around in Shibuya 109-2 we took some Purikura in Purikura Mekka.

Then Yuuki came back with his friend and we met Matilda and Anica in front of Hachiko next to Shibuya crossing. I love the screens in the background! Tokyo at it's best. ^^

Seba saw us randomly and came up and talked, and the guy to the right of me has styled my hair at the hair salon MINX two times. He was on his way home from work and recognized us. Fun surprises! =) 

One time when Amadeus and me got styled by him before a Double Heart party. He has been doing many EGG-model's hair.

Amadeus, Gustav and Jakob joined too and we all went to Purikura Mekka again! :D

Here's a video from when we were in Purikura Mekka:

So crowded, but who cares! ^^

After taking Purikura I went to Roppongi to meet Yulia.

On my way there I saw this guy with indian feathers in his hair.

Yulia knew a illumination show in Roppongi we went to watch.

It was so beautiful!

Video from the illumination show:

I told Yulia I had seen her on some packages in the supermarket Don Kihote the other day. She was modeling for this product "Sauna Suit".

Took Purikura for the third that day! =)

It was a long time since I met many of the people in this entry. Yulia moved to her relatives in Okinawa after the earthquake, Amadeus went back to Sweden and I don't have much contact with Leon anymore. Miss all of them! :(

I wish every day could be like this one.


  1. Ahhhhh looks so fun :3
    Especially the lights show, how pretty~~

  2. you should have bought those glasses :D

  3. Oh going into Laforet always makes me feel poor haha! The beaded sunglasses are cool, and I think its possible to hand make them XD

    The first purikura machine has so much eye effect XD

    I think you did a good job with the curling iron, that style suits you well^^/

  4. I've always wanted to ask you: how do you get to know all these EGG -models and pretty famous people? :o You must be a local celebrity then too? Anyways, I'm jealous ;www;
    - Arutte


  5. maaan, i'm so jealous of your life sometimes... lol!

    LaForet does have some crazy stuff! i have to stay away from there, cuz last time i got roped into buying 14000yen (fabulous) sneakers >_< but i gotta say, the golden backpacks are kinda awesome, eheh ^_-

  6. Ohh I recognize Jenny from カワイイTV haha! :) プリクラ looks so fun in Japan because of all the crazy eye effects! I haven't done プリクラ in aaaagessssss @__@ At least you have lots of photo memories to keep while you're friends are away. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll all meet up again soon ^^

  7. Arutte:

    I'm not a local celebrity, I just talk to them at events sometimes and see them around in Shibuya and so on. It's pretty easy to talk with famous people in Japan compared to many other countries I think. Thank you. =)

  8. Okay, heh sorry for my stupidity :D
    - Arutte

  9. Arutte:

    What stupidity?
    It was a good question and I'm happy that you thought so. Nothing stupid about it! =)