Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Japan - The Strange Country

Japan is such a fun and good country in many ways. But there's so many strange things about it as well!

Today was supposed to be a normal day. I was going together with Amadeus, Matilda, Erik, Gustav and Jakob to an exhibition in Harajuku which their Korean room mate were participating in.

On the way to the exhibition we saw this red spandex man dancing to make customers shop at his store WE GO in Harajuku.

Sometimes the red spandex man flips out totally! ^^

Thumbs up if you buy something! ;)

Borrowing his hat. :)

Watch him dance here:

Here's the pretty special building where the exhibition called Design Festa was.

The whole building is art!

Even the stairs! =)

The inside was even better though with many great artists. This girl made these drawings.

Love the artstyle!

This guy had made some cool accessories.

And in the most inner room of this strange building they had something I've never seen before. The square water melon! :O

I've heard that they suppose to have them in Japan, but never seen it in real life before. Something to tell the gran children about. ;D

Maybe Gustavs favorite melon soda is made from square water melons!? ;D

Probably not since it's the cheapest soda in Japan, and square water melons are rare.

Mr. Jakob also likes the melon soda.

I only pretend to like it to make Gustav happy... ;)

When we came out from the Design Festa Gallery building I saw this shop with high fashion and really short skirts - for five year olds! :O

That looks so sick and sad! :/

Let the kids be kids?

Passed by a restaurant where Amadeus tried to pour out this drink, without any success. Japan are specialists at making fake food for display.

Back at the train station around our home there was a lot of animals walking around.

It's so funny that nobody even react when a guy walks around in an animal suit in Japan. ^^

The animals work for the local Pachinko halls. I didn't know that when I became friend with this bear that wants me to spend my money on gambling. :(

Pachinko is the most popular type of gambling in Japan. I have never played, but from what I understand you insert money and metal balls fall down randomly. If they fall down to the right places you win.

While the metal balls bounce arounds at the spikes you see, you can watch videos from popular artists and animé series.

On the top of the machines you can see information about them. By reading this data you're supposed to be better at determining the chance of winning, which is why lots of people are lining up outside the pachinko halls before they open, to get the best machine.

At all the convenience stores you can find this many magazines only about Pachinko techiniques and new machine information. Gotta love the slogan of some Pachinko places: "Everything is going to be just fine." XD

Later I went home to Leon who's reading a Hollywood gossip magazine here. He had a pretty interesting home!

You could tell on the things he had in his house that he's a stylist.

Sets of clothes put together hanging on the walls.

As well as two tails and three pairs of goggles.

Shirt Leon got when he graduated from school signed by his classmates.

I got this wallet from him that I've been using almost everyday since then.

Time for some purikura with the new wallet! :D

The photos got weirder and weirder...

After that we went to a restaurant with a huge menu.

Leon almost disappeared in it! :/

I ate this salad in crusty bread.

Leon had an ice-cream sprinkled with green tea for dessert.

Then went to see the Japanese movie "Inshitemiru" three o clock in the morning. They have movie shows 24/7 at some cinemas in Japan.

Leon got so happy that the salon was empty! ^^

No one else in sight.

On the way home from the cinema we saw this place with a guitar-shaped door. I asked Leon what it was.

It's called Onabe bar and is some kinda place where you can talk to women who turned themselves into host-looking men. What can you not find in Japan?


  1. hahaha
    japan looks much cooler than germany, I'd like to travel there for a week or two ~~

    besides, here, we also have a sort of 'art house', it's called 'unperfekt haus' which means unperfect house, pretty interesting too

    and, you study , don't ya ?
    best luck

  2. leon~~~ :D haha
    oh empty cinemas are cool!
    Just gotta loe crazy and funny Japan

  3. can you please, PLEASE just adopt me? ♥ I swear, i'll pack my stuff and be out there tomorrow! I want to live your life!!!

  4. oh man cinemas 24/7? that's amazing, and very convenient =)
    seems like you had a great day!

  5. I really love this entry! Your blog is so great, it's so interesting to read about japanese culture and gyaru culture from your point of wiew :)

  6. Oh my god such crazy things!! That last one is one of the weirdest things I've heard xDDDD;;

    Yeah if someone was walking around wearing an animal suit where I live, people would look at that person SO weird!! >_<;;

    Last time I was in Japan, a guy dressed uo as Spider Man was walking around handing out flyers haha~~so funny.

  7. wow you really had fun with this Leon ^^ !!
    I'm happy : D

    see you soon !!

  8. Hi there~! First time commenting, a friend of mine pointed me to your blog!

    First of all, I was so shocked when I saw the first picture - "HEY, isn't that O-Station?!"...

    Turns out that your neighborhood is my neighborhood ;)

    The square-shaped melon is awesome! Would love to see that! Do you know if Design Festa is still going on?

    I am going to continue stalking your blog from now on ;)


  9. MarinaRosaMuffin:

    Oh interesting, I would like to visit the 'unperfekt haus' sometime and see german art too! =)

    Yes I study Japanese. Thank you!! I will do my best!

  10. エミリー❤:

    Hahaha, sure! ;D

    I'm happy you think so, but my life isn't that amazing. Once in a while there's some fun moments though. =)

  11. shelketuesti:

    Oh cool!! Hi neighbour! =D
    I'm impressed you could recognize the station from that photo.

    If you have been living here for a while we must have seen eachother on the street sometime?

    The Design Festa I showed pictures from in this entry was a while ago, so that one is over but there will be a new one on Saturday 14th May and Sunday 15th May.

    Let's hang out sometime! =)
    Add me on Facebook if you want:
    Fredrik Lyck

  12. Yukimi:

    Hahah yeah empty cinemas are the best! :D

  13. Asuka:

    I'm a night person, so I totally agree! =)

  14. Ingvild / Zora:

    Oh thank you sooo much! That makes me really happy to hear!! ^^

  15. みか☆ちゃん:

    Yeah same where I come from!

    Hahaha cool, sounds hilarious! :D

  16. ティナ:

    Thank you Tina! Yeah it was a very fun time.^^

    Yeah see you soon!! =D

  17. haha that's why i love Japan . You are really lucky because you can live and learn japanese there . :D

  18. the men-women hosts is something i don't get...

    you always look like you're having so much fun though ^_^

    PS: tell your freind Leon that i think he's very very hot. lol.

  19. Um, guitar? that's obviously sello or violin... :D

  20. omg how weird that watermelon looked! i didn't think that was real o.o but still mad cool! those little girls parents should be ashamed
    -__- smh.

  21. it's so is weird,but interesting place to go travel..hope someday i can visit Japan.(‐^▽^‐)