Sunday, May 29, 2011

"...what did I just watch? O_O"

Got invited by Maamin to an event where this group Ayaman were performing.

Went there like this.

I want that hairstyle back!

Cool Cedric from Singapore came too!

Met up with Maamin's gyaru circle Kuraha. Some of them were really nice and outgoing, but others didn't really seem to wanna talk with new people. :/

They were selling clothes outside the event hall. Maybe it was pieces from the fashion show they had.

Cool hall for the event. This place called Ageha is also Asia's biggest night club.

PR-demonstration for some kinda skin lotion.

Interviews with famous people. I didn't know who they were though. :/

Talked with these two in the crowd.

Ayaman performing with their popular song "Poi Poi".

Here's the music video for Poi Poi

I think the song is pretty catchy but I love the top comment for the video! XD

Then it was fashion show!

After the event I was taking the train to meet Leon and saw Ayaman passing by at the station. I didn't knew who they were at that time but I asked for a photo. The girl to the left has a pretty long tongue btw! :D

At the next station I saw these stylish people! Coolest couple ever! Or are they siblings?

The girl's nails.

Purikura with Leon in Ikebukuro.

Leon wrote that I'm a "ChikokuMa" = Someone who always comes late. That's true, but he came late this time so he got an arrow too. ;)

I had a big test in school the next day so Leon helped me study for it and explained the meaning of "ChikokuMa" again... ;D

Drank a lot of Red Bull and coke to be able to study all night. I don't recommend it though because I got tired and gave up after a while anyway. :P

When I came out in the middle of the night there was some dance groups practicing. Whenever I leave Japan I will miss the fact that it's always happening something here so much.


  1. Looks so fun I miss Japan ..Btw what the url ofyour friends ashley's blog?

  2. Yeah I don't even KNOW what I watched... that video is so weird XDD they are cute girls but... I'm not sure what that was!

  3. I'm sorry to tell you this but your hairdo looks disgusting! It looks dirty and messy, not good at all! Practise more, please!

  4. wow the show seems so nice!
    I have already messed up 5 times to go to Ageha! Every time I was in Japan I wanted to go to that club, but always couldn't 'cause of some reason haha : D

    I wish so much that u would still be in Japan when I'm coming there (;D; )

  5. great show! you seem to have a reat party life in Japan^^

  6. i've seen that video!! it's so retarded!! i can't understand why that stuff is even popular at all... :/ but it's cool that you ran into them on the train after! haha... and omg, that girl's nails are INSANE!!! how does she do anything with those?!?

    cute puri! as always, i am in love with your friend Leon... seriously, i don't know why... lol! and i didn't know about chikokuma either!!

  7. I really love your blog!! You're one of the people I'd love to meet once I'm in Tokyo ^^
    Do you have a formspring?

  8. leon is just so cute ;-; post more photos with him!xD

    i just love your blog. you really know how to spread what japan is : a fun and original country, that no one will ever be tired of.

    keep posting! ♥

  9. Har aldrig kommenterat förut så kanske är dags, har smygit runt din blog rätt länge nu...
    Iallafall så ser jag alltid fram emot dina uppdateringar, även fast det ger mig grym Tokyo-abstinens. ^^'

    "Whenever I leave Japan I will miss the fact that it's always happening something here so much."

    WELL DON'T, EVER! xD Vem ska annars ge mig min foto-fix?
    Skämt åsido, jag förstår verkligen vad du menar. Hur länge planerar du stanna?

  10. Anonymous 1:

    I don't know if Ashley have a blog or what the URL is. Sorry! :(

    If I find out I'll write again!

  11. Kanako_ageha:

    Oh okey it's a bit inconvenient to go there so I can understand that. I hope you will get the opportunity to experience it sometime when you come back! =)

    Yeah it would be fun to meet again! When are you coming to Japan?

  12. Anonymous 3:

    Thank you very much!! I'm happy to hear that! =)
    Yes it would be fun to meet! ^^

    I'm sorry but I've never heard about formspring before. Just looked it up. Is it fun?

  13. Linnea:

    Tack så mycket för din kommentar! Ah jättekul att höra! ^^

    Som det ser ut just nu så kommer jag stanna här fram till början på oktober i år.

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  15. I know this is weird to say, but I wish I had your life! How on earth do you get all these connections and gyaru friends?!?!

    And you always have pictures of people that you randomly meet! You must be a very good conversationalist! I am very shy to people I don't know.

    You should do a video on how to talk to super cool gyaru without dying of a heart attack lol

    p.s. Those pants are great. I dig those pants.

  16. I really love that about japan XD those incredible crazyness XD there would be no such a video in germany.

    I think I know the girl with the long fingernails from somewhere... damn, can't remember xD perhaps she was in the egg magazine or i saw her on mixi/ameba... hm XD

    I hope your japanese test was good :)