Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chatting with Kanako :D

At this Sunday's EGG Youth Party we ended up chatting with the EGG-model Kanako Kawabata backstage. ;D

Met up with Tina, Ulrika and Haruna in Shibuya. Ulrika aka "Rika" just came back to Japan and has been in several TV-shows about gyaru-culture.

Got the Varosh-bag from Men's EGG Night party the other week. It matches my shirt so thought I should bring it. :P

Took some Purikura at Eggnam before the party. Eggnam is starting to get really popular now, it was pretty crowded today. Many models there too.

No wonder it's getting popular when you can take Purikura with hats like the one Tina is wearing to the right! :D

After taking Purikura it was time to go to Club Atom where the party was.

Met these two happy people in the line! =)

They look very well prepared for the party!

Swedish Lisa and her friend(top row middle) joined, and my friend Morieda's ex-girlfriend(girl with pink bow in her hair) were handing out CDs from a new gyrau band.

Here's the CD. "Gal + Idol = Gal Doll". Makes sense...

They put together some different gyaru bands lateley, like GAL's 48 and Shibuya Gals trying to become the AKB48 of Shibuya.

Some people were playing volley ball inside.

Together with Genpon.

Me, Rika and Genpon.

Lisa and Genpon.

I like the face expression of the girl in black, not to talk about the monkey hanging on the girl next to her. ;D

I hate that you have to take all the photos with flash inside of clubs since it darks. It doesn't exactly make you look better. :(

Tina and Takezou.

He was DJ during the party.

Walked by Kanako and she said: -"Eh!? Haven't I met you before!?"

Yes, here's the times we have met:

First time, together with Maamin and her crew, at an EGG Youth Party one year ago.

Second time also at a EGG Youth party, giving her a shirt.

Third time at the store SBY in Shibuya 109 when she weren't wearing any makeup.

And the fourth time, today, I had been drinking a bit too much and apparently told Kanako that I love her. :O

Kanako said that she likes foreigners and want to move to Australia when she is done working as a model.


  1. Move to australia? Holy cow!i hope to see her one day here XD i love your post btw. :3

  2. awww you're so lucky im so jealous!!Please send my regards to kanako :D :D

  3. you're getting famous ne?! XDD
    great pics!

  4. AH~ you are so lucky to have met Kanako so many times! She's like my idol♥

  5. ahhh, so lucky! Kanako is my fav model T_T !

  6. it was really funny !!!!! ☆
    I'm so glad to talked with Kanako and took some photos with her !!!
    But you were really drunk ahah !

    and I'm so HAPPY to took a photo with Takezo !!!!! ♥♥♥ ahaha xD
    He's so nice !! We talked together but our conversation was stopped by the fans ¬__¬
    at the end of party, Takezo said to me "hello", I wanted to talk with him again but so many fans around him...

    tomorrow he'll be at Disrev, you want to go with me ??

    I'd like to meet Takezo again xD ♥

    you know ? he told me he's half japanese and half filipino !!

    so good party anyway !! ^^

  7. wooow!!
    so super cutee!
    i love kanako! you look cute together :D
    i bet you wll meet her soon again haha :)
    have fuun!

  8. Wooo! Känns som om man har blivit kändis nu när man är på din blogg! ;)
    Tack för senast, får meeta upp igen sen! Hoppas inflyttningsfesten var bra också! ^^)b

  9. kanako ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Aaah Ri told me about this today, looks like you guys had such a good time! I wanted to go with her and friend but had already made plans. ;____;

    Next time maybe XDD

  11. omg you are so lucky~ ;____; i want to meet her too ♥

  12. btw does tina has a blog? :3

  13. Haha oh my gosh! Kanako is so cute! >//A//< so lucky you got to meet her! She is one of my idols! * o *

    Looks like you guys all had such a fun time haha I would probably say something embarrassing like that too if I met her!

  14. Aww, Kanako is so cute! How sweet that she remembers you~
    But lol how funny @ what you told her when you're drunk xD

  15. Julia:

    Yes she does! =)

    Here it is:

  16. oooh, so jealous! i wanna go to an egg youth party!! where are they advertised? i wish i could talk with Kanako too!! >_<

  17. Awesome!! Kanako is so pretty!! ^.^ Great post!

  18. omg that is so cool you got to meet Kanako TWICE! wth? so jelly. You have so much fun in Japan TAT

  19. whaa u meet kanako-san *-*
    how cool it was! I'm jealous!
    thank you for the great fotos!!
    I really love her style, her smile is so cute- she's my idol of doom <3 :D

  20. I'm so jealous! *__*
    and I haven't seen Rika for so long ;__;

  21. Aaaaaaaaaaa you met Kanako?! YOU'RE SO LUCKY! ; A ; I LOVE HER SO MUCH