Friday, May 20, 2011

Club ELF

Got invited to a event called Revival at club ELF, on a wednesday. Pretty crazy that it seems to be so many parties even on weekdays in Tokyo.

Went there with Tina! She said there's been news about UFOs in Shinjuku lately. So much talk about UFOs everywhere right now. I feel like an Alien in Japan by the way. ;)

Met up with Emi(right) from Double Heart that invited us, and her friend Konoka(left) that was staff at the event tonight.

Putting stuff into the lockers at ELF.

Cool dancefloor.

Tina with a staff from Shibuya 109.

The nice guy to the right has definitley done something to his eyes. Sometimes you can see people pulling back their eyelids in the train to make their eyes look bigger. Pretty scary I think.

You could get face painting at the club.

Some people only had a little bit.

And then there was this guy. XD

Tina and Emi at the stage!

Why does Tina has to look so good at all the pictures!? I'm jealous! ;)

I wanna be photogenic too!! :(

Outside, when it was over.

The party had only just started for this guy though! :)


  1. woaahhh party people! did you guys get out of the club in the morning?! :O that reminds me of miami! everyone stays clubbing until 10 am the next day! :O

    you look like you had lots of fun ♥ I want to experience night life in japan!

  2. was the party during the day? or did you only come out so late that it was morning already??

    i think the guy with the freaky eyes is only wearing lenses, no?

    haha, you're photogenic too! but i understand what you mean ^_-

  3. how great to read about nightlife at japan! I'm jealous somehow, but it looks like much fun~
    The girls there r even pretty Q___Q

  4. i've been to japan a few times, and im actually moving there in a couple months, and some of my japanese friends seem to think bad of people having this "lifestyle"., but i've honestly never created a real opinion about the gyaru/gyaruo style. but reading your blog really got me inspired! a little more open minded, and maybe i've become a little into it actually!
    cool, and keep on going, ill follow ur blog like a stalker now, haha :D

  5. woah tina looks so good in like every picture! and those are party pictures even. i hope she get scouted soon and can start working as a model ♥
    she is so beautiful <3;
    and she should update her blog more ;_;

  6. It was nice party !!!!
    Ihad so much fun !!

    maybe not at the end xD we drank .... a little bit x )

    ooh !! Lick, I would like to have the Emi's mail !!! I really like her, she's cool girl !!
    thanks ^^

  7. エミリー❤ and karisuma gyaru:

    The party was from night until morning, that's why it was light when we came out. Most people come to the clubs pretty late here, around 2am and then it ends around 5 or 6am or so, depending on the place.

    Wow, until 10am in Miami!? Sounds fun but tiring. ^^

    Is he only wearing lenses? Maybe, but I thought he had used one of those tools to put the eyelids back. I'm not sure.

  8. awww thank you Julia, you're pretty ♥ !

    yes I should upload my blog xDDD sorry xD