Monday, May 16, 2011

A Walk in Shinjuku Garden

The weather was perfect yesterday so I went to the garden "Shinjuku-gyouen".

The "English-style" garden was in full bloom and a lot of people took photos of the flowers.

With cameras in all sizes.

Everything from tiny cell phone cameras.

To system cameras with huge objectives.

Seeing them taking thses close-up shots reminds me of "Hemulen" from Mumin looking at flowers with his magnifying glass.

This very white-dressed lady was walking around in the garden.

She was being photographed by girl to the left.

Her bag looked mysterious. She said it's a rabbit, but what's the red thing hanging out from it?


  1. Oh! I love Shinjuku-gyouen! Best park in tokyo. But actually your pictures show the "frensh-style" garden, it's still very japanese tough. ;)

  2. Such pretty photos! The weather's been so nice lately too all I want to do is be outside but it's also messing up my health being so cold one day and warm the next. ;____;

    That lady look so picturesque in the gardens, too. X3

  3. teresian:

    Yeah I agree with you! Oh you're probably right!

  4. miss wave ♪:

    Thank you! Yeah it's hard to know how to dress this time of the year, I always end up catching a cold. :/

  5. Shinjuku gyoen is really lovely!! Its so worth the entrance fee, I want to visit there again XD Oh you always manage to find interesting people to photograph everywhere, perhaps because it's Japan? XD