Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Royal Club Kids of Trump Room

People that goes to Trump Room in Shibuya takes clubbing really serious!

Extravagant interior!

And outfits you couldn't even dream about! :O

My outfit for one time when I went to Trump Room. Pretty boring compared to what other people there are wearing. :(

But I like the big white hood! :D

Went there with Chris, Matilda, Amadeus and Jakob. Chris to the left has been modeling a lot in Japan, and even been starring in a video from the Japanese artist Koda Kumi!

Chris and Koda Kumi talking on the phone in her music video "Superstar". He is playing her boyfriend which is pretty cool since she's like the Britney Spears of Japan.

Here's the video:

Another guy that's been modeling in Japan is Cecil on this poster. He's also from Sweden like Chris and me, and they used to go my language school Kai. 

Right now that poster with him is on the Shibuya 109 Men's building! The building is right next to the most populated crossing in the world, Shibuya crossing. I would probably pass out if I saw myself there! XD

He's making promotion for the brand Jackrose where I bought my shoes, and the magazine Loaded with "Johnny Depp-style" clothing.

And while we're talking about models, I took a photo of this Italian model Seba Serafini outside Trump Room which I showed in "Street Snap of the Day #7" here.

He said that he's in Japanese drama, and later the reader "Gilda_Gold" commented that it must be the TV-host and journalist La Carmina's boyfriend. You can read her blog about her and Seba's life here.

Seba is playing an Italian student in the Japanese drama "Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo". (Translation = The Japanese language that Japanese people don't know)

Here's a compilation of him in the drama:

And if you've been very observant you might have noticed that he's in one of the Purikura-photos on the banner of this blog. Here's his official site.

To enter Trump Room you don't have to pass any big guards, just this lady! =)

If it's a special event on Trump Room it feels like walking straight into a Lady Gaga-video.

Lady Gaga herself to the left? ;)

Fly away with these shoes. =)

The golden DJ!

During the day Trump Room is a masquerade store, where you can find the craziest clothes ever. This night they had a market selling things from the store while the party was going on.

Mr. Jakob tried on a Donald Duck cap! :D

The ladies were amused! ;)

Amadeus found this sign. If you ever come to Trump Room and decide to use some double-faced tape, you might get thrown out. Remember that! ;D 

First time I met Martin was at Trump Room! It's his favorite club so it was no coincidence. ;)

His friend Mia(middle) knows most people there.

 Many funny hats! ^^

Went there in a Piplup Pokémon hat once. =)

The photographer looked happy after the event. I can understand why! ^^


  1. Oh my god, this place looks so AWESOME!!! Really can't get over how many western faces are making it big there though, that's so cool > <

  2. In one picture at the club there were two women cosplaying Asuka and Rei from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. :D That really was surprising!

  3. Wow it's so interesting to see the cool people you come across! I am totally jealous of that guy in the Kumi MV, I love Koda Kumi =3

  4. Ah, people in Japan are so much crazier..I really feel wrong here in Germany :/
    btw, is that some kind of private club or can anyone go in there? I'd love to check it out if I ever manage to visit Japan xD

  5. where is that club?! i think your description of "stepping into a Lady Gaga video" seems really accurate!! i'd love to go there! it reminds me a bit of when i used to go to raves, and everyone would dress all crazy...

    i think it's cool that your friends and people who went to your school are now models! maybe you could be a model in Japan one day too!!

  6. oh my god sebastiano is so dreamy!

  7. Ooh! I thought the Italian model looked familiar! ^^ my friend loves that drama haha how funny you met him! seems like a good amount of foreigners are busting into the Japanese entertainment industry... which is great!

    This is such an interesting place haha I don't know what to make of it! Really cool though! ^o^

  8. karisuma gyaru:

    It's close to the club Camelot in Shibuya.
    Here is the address:

    Trump Room Address:
    Hoshi Building 4F, Jinnan 1-12-14 , Shibuya-ku + 81 (0) 3 3770 2325

    Yes I recommend you to go if you come to Shibuya, I like the atmosphere and all the crazy clothes! =)

    Thank you, I did a few modeling jobs when I had just come to Japan, but since I kinda "changed my style" from foreign looking foreigner to "gyaru-wannabe" I haven't got any more offers. ;D

    Just a few street snaps and party snaps. But I agree that it's fun that some foreigners get model jobs and such here! =)

  9. Ragrunzel:

    Trump Room is open for everyone! =)

    Yeah, you should check it out if you come to Japan!
    If it's a special event it's really cool! :)

  10. Ragrunzel:

    Sorry for my late answer! I actually answered before but it seems to have disappeared. :(

    Trump Room is open for everybody! =)
    You need to be 20 to enter I think though.

    Yeah I think you would like it, specially when it's some cool event there! ^^

  11. karisuma gyaru:

    Trump Room is in Shibuya close to a T.G.I. Friday's restaurant and the night club Camelot.

    Here's the address:
    Hoshi Building 4F
    Jinnan 1-12-14

    Thank you! Yeah I agree that it's cool! I did a few modling jobs when I had recently arrived to Japan, but since I "changed style" to "gyaru wannabe" I haven't got any more offers. ;D



    caps was necessary!

    and its so cool to see a swedish dude modeling all over 109 mens!!