Saturday, May 21, 2011

Funny Moments #4

Gustav, Leon and me are simultaneously texting on our phones.


  1. leon is too cute ^__^ <3

    how tall is tina by the way?

  2. How much in USD does language school cost you? Do you get any assistance from your government or elsewhere to help pay for your fees? I'm interested ^__^

  3. Do you have a job?

  4. I'm thinking of starting to take random shots of people in cafes on their phones - on dates, meeting with friends; they just sit there texting others. :P

  5. I had the same phone as you!!!!
    Softbank, right? XD

  6. I think its always funny when people are together but on the phones rather than talking hehe!

  7. みか☆ちゃん:

    Hahaha yeah exactly! ;)

    No I don't remember who we were texting with.

  8. Anonymous 1:

    I'm not sure. I will try to ask her. Or if she see these comments maybe she can answer. =)

  9. emily joy:

    Each term at the school is 3 months long. One term costs 200 000 yen which is about 2442 USD right now.

    There's monthly courses as well though. Here you can see all the prices at the school's web page:

    I get some support from the Swedish gouvernment for being a full time student, but also takes student loans.

  10. Anonymous 2:

    No, not right now. I'm a full time student in Japanese.

  11. Ri:

    That sounds like an interesting idea! Are you planning on asking them first or just take the photos in that case?

  12. stacywahh:

    Yeah that's right! =)
    Cool that you had the same one. ^^

    A prepaid Softbank phone. I like that it's so small. Not even close to as many functions as a Smart Phone though. ;D

  13. SARA MARI:

    Yeah I agree. Or maybe it's more sad than funny. ;)

    Better to be present than always being somewhere else on the phone I mean. :/