Monday, April 4, 2011

Tokyo Disney Land!

It's been so many sad posts about Japan lately, so I thought I should write about some fun things that happened there before the disasters. One sunny day Jakob, Anica, Kenichi, Reina and me went to Tokyo Disney Land! =)

Style of the day. Pretty cold back then!

The big question were if I was going to wear my Mickey Mouse shirt from Harajuku or the "Tonari no Totoro"-shirt I bought at the Japan convention Uppcon09 in Sweden.

The natural thing to do would of course be to pick the Mickey-shirt since we were going to Disneyland, but I picked the Totoro-shirt for some reason...
If I ever go to the Ghibli museum, I will have to choose the Mickey-shirt. ;D

We met at Tokyo train station before going there, where they had this café which we thought was Swedish. But it was Danish if I remember correctly.

While waiting for Kenichi, we witnessed a revolution when it comes to vending machines. Watch Anica demonstrate the new fantastic machine!

Jakob thinks I'm taking a picture of him, so he poses happily for a long time before he realizes it's a video! Mohahaha :P

Kenichi had colored his hair blonde, and I told him that I thought his new hair resembled the Super Saiyans from the manga Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball was the first Manga that came to Sweden, and probably the first one I ever read.

My room neighbour Nori collects Dragon Ball figures. Below you can see him with one he recently got as a gift! :D

Nori living the dream! ^^

When you come to Tokyo Disneyland, it feels like you're not in Japan anymore but on some paradise island like Hawaii. First we passed by the big parking area which was partly covered in water by the Tsunami.

Disneyland is close to the sea and the parking area is at a lower level than the rest of Disneyland, so that's how the recent tsunami managed to reach all the way there.

There's two Disney amusement parks next to each other. This time we went to Disneyland but the other one, Disney Sea, is even closer to the sea and the water level there rose at the time of the tsunami. Luckily without any damage.

The atmosphere at TDL(Short for Tokyo Disney Land) is just magical, and it's so clean! Even though they sell different kinds of caramel- and curry-popcorn everywhere, you won't be able to see a single popcorn on the ground!

We started off our magical journey by trying on some Disney hats! =)

Goofie and Minnie!

In front of the legendary Disney castle! :)

Reina took the opportunity to chase some ducks in the castle garden. ;)

Nice parade closeby.

Saw a Disney wheelchair standing around there. Hardcore!

Riding classic teacups!

Reina almost fell off our fast spinning teacup laughing.

Kenichi and me laughed so much at eachother while driving the cars that we started crying... XD

After some hilarious rides it was time to try Disneyland's latest attraction, the PhilharMagic cinema which makes you feel like you're part of the movie with all kind of effects!

Jakob and Kenichi getting ready for the movie with 3D-glasses on.
I'm usually disappointed with 3D-movies because I want it to be much more 3D-effects. But this one was full of things jumping out of the screen! Thumbs up!

But the best part was that the chairs was sprinkling water, blowing wind and sending out fragrances at you! It was so much happening all the time, for all your senses!^^

When it got dark and Disneyland was about to close, they had a great illumination parade.

We had been looking for Donald, Mickey and the others all day and finally we got to see them in the parade!

Here's a video from the parade:

Disneyland is a wonderful place I hope to visit again!

Tomorrow I will be back in Tokyo, ready to experience more things "Made in Dream"!


  1. Yay, Tokyo Disney Land, I love it! I want to go there again soon, thank you for sharing the photos^^/ The teacups are the best ride haha!


    Kawaiiiiii ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. dragonball was the first manga here in finland too :D
    I was soo excited when I saw it in stores 8D *was a huge DBZ-fan*

  4. oo i remember when i was small and we traveled to Denmark and visited legoland we was i a 4D teather, it was awsome..

  5. Totoro beats Mikey; obvious is obvious. :P
    Next time you should try the Universal Studios in Osaka. Much more fun + you get to see a 'Back in Time' Dolorian replica.

  6. cool! i wanna go to Tokyo Disney too! XD

  7. I'm such a Disney freak so of course I loved this post xDDD;; I really wanna go to Tokyo Disneyland!

  8. Reading this, made me really want to visit Disneyland again, and TDL for the first time. It looks really fun.
    Hope you'll stay safe when you're going back. Take care <3
    And I think that "3D" movie.... was actually a 4D one, because of the water sprinkling and stuff ;D

  9. Looks like you guys had fun! I want to go to Disneyland in Japan one day! I've been to Disney World in Florida, and it was huge!

    Also, I love Kenichi's blonde hair, it suits him!

  10. Ahhh I've not made it there yet! Not Disney Sea either!! Thanks for sharing though - glad that things are all good where they should be good. ;)

  11. Nice blog and awesome pictures!:)

    visit my blog if u want to :)

  12. wow disney land looks fun :) i never been to disney land even though i live near it.

  13. omg when are you going to post a new post?!? :((((