Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tokyo After the Disasters

Things like "Pray for Japan", "Do your best!" and "Please Endure!" are written everywhere these days. On the cover of this magazine it says: "We won't loose!!"

Our school has been repairing the walls after the earthquake. Our school is usually full of foreigners, but now it's so empty! Only a third of all the students are left! I hope everybody will be coming back soon.

The news has made the world believe that Japan is a "scary place" it says in Japanese newspapers. I live in Korea Town, but pretty much every single Korean person has left. Just a couple of weeks ago every school in Korea was closed down because it was going to rain, and they feared that the rain might be radioactive.

My guest house owner bought this chip on his hand, that measures if you're exposed to radiation. The chip hasn't showed any sign of radiation. According to some sources it's more radiation in New York, London or even north of Sweden than in Tokyo.

Our school wanted us make blogs about that it's safe in Tokyo, and I think that it feels safe, otherwise I wouldn't be here. 

The biggest difference, apart from that there's very few foreigners, is that they are saving energy at many places by not using lights, screens and music as much as before. It will be going on for a few more months.

Some parts of Japan has already had strategic black outs for some hours to save energy. Maybe central Tokyo will have a short black out this summer. In case that happens my guest house owner bought this machine to generate electricity by yourself.

I'm an extreme Coca Cola Zero addict, but the last weeks it has been hard to find any! And it seems like I'm not the only Coke Zero addicts out there, since the glass to this machine was smashed! XD

All the drinks with a red light under them are sold out. I've never seen anything like that! Now the situation is much better though.

Finally a story about a small village in north-east Japan. In this small village there was a man that had heard stories from his great ancestors about a 10 meter high wave a very long time ago. So he wanted to build a 10 meter high wall outside the village to protect it.

But nobody had ever heard about such high waves and thought he was crazy. Even in the history books the highest waves were at most 7 meters. But he insisted to build that 10 meter high wall, and it saved the village from the recent tsunami.


  1. The story about the wall is very touching! Souch a hero!

  2. Wow... Thanks for the real and "live" update about Tokyo... I REALLY want to go there, but everyone say I need to wait or I can't go there because of the danger, but I looks like it's not that bad anymore ^.^ So know I just have to save money ^o^

  3. you love coca-cola zero? nooo!! i love pepsi nex so much better!!

    haha, you know... also some cigarette brands are impossible to find these day! my brand is out of stuck everywhere! such a pain!

    oh and btw... i was thinking about maybe joining a language school when i move to tokyo... not to go full time like you, but there's no such place in my stupid town and i wanna improve my japanese... if you could post some info about your school and how you like it/rate it and such, in the future, that would be cool. thanks.

    ganbare nippon!

  4. Ahh your blog is so awesome! :) Thanks for this "real" update about the situation, i'm coming to tokyo in august as an exchange student and my whole family and relatives have been freaking out about the situation. :d
    ... but as from now, my biggest problem is the coke zero! i'm such an addict that i seriously hope i find some in tokyo when i get there. i can't survive without it.. =D

  5. There is acually more radiation in Oslo then Tokyo. Some times it seems like people need something to be afraid of, it looks like that in the newspaper at least.

  6. I'll be going to Tokyo in the end of May, so it feels good to read your report, Fredrik! Booked the flight before the earthquake, so it's been nervous to follow the proceedings at Fukushima... But this weekend I finally decided: "We're going!" and booked a hotel ;)