Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back in a Beautiful Japan!

Since it's spring here now and beautiful cherry blossoms, there's a lot of people in the parks. This cool group were having a meeting for there upcoming fashion show.

Tokyo has been very beautiful since I came back about a week ago.

During the spring there's an activity that most Japanese people take part in called "Hanami", which means "Flower watching". Here I'm at a Hanami-party arranged by Japanese university students.

It's nice to see Japanese people being happy and doing fun things again!^^

There's so much fun things to watch in the parks. Like hosts styling eachother's hair. ;D

Dance practice!

This is a very romantic time of the year! ;)

It's fun how much Japanese people dress up just for going to a park.

But it's even more fun how much they dress up their dogs! =)

The funniest thing though, was when I passed by the two people to the left in this picture and asked if they were having some kind of meeting. They said: -"Yes let us take you the rest of our crew."

We went into the woods and there was infinite of people looking like they were taken from a fairytale there, doing rehersal for a fashion show.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to "Hanami" again with Jenny, Tina and their friends but it was raining so we went to an Izakaya instead. Izakaya = Japanese bar/restaurant

There was an earthquake while we were there. It's aftershocks almost every day now, but you get used to it...

On the way to the Izakaya I saw the legendary "Banana vending machine" for the first time! =D

Most vending machines just sell drinks, but if you're lucky you can find vending machines selling hair spray, flowers and much more! If you're unlucky you can find vending machines selling nothing but used underwear. :/


  1. Awwww that kigurumi -girl is cute ♥ I would like to buy from that banana -machine sometime, so I could say I've bought bananas from a machine. So cool.
    - Arutte


  2. There should totally be vending machines like that in Sweden (well not the banana one, but with hairspray and stuff)! :D And I agree with the comment above, that girl is really cute! ^^

  3. I'm glad you made it back to Japan safely, your photos are really nice - I'm glad you could enjoy hanami. It seems people are doing so many things besides watching flowers at hanami haha

  4. Aw, I'm so glad to see everybody in such high spirits! Hanami can really bring out the best in everybody and put everyone in such a great mood!

    That group of fashion students look so cool! ^o^ Glad you arrived safely!

  5. Awww nice entry!
    That "dance practise" photo... I immediately had to think of the "Bad Apple" dance... do you know it? I learned the choreography with a friend.. and there's a part, where we do the same move like in this photo~.. I don't know..
    Just random thoughts, this could be ANY other dance of course XD

    I can already imagine how these recent happenings in Japan will be taught in history books in school in 10, 20 or 30 years :'D

  6. yeaahhh back to japan !!!!!!I´m happy that you are safe ^^

  7. Honestly,your style freaks me out,sorry,but somehow I can't stop reading your blog,I really love the way you introduce Japan. :D Keep up the good work. :3

  8. woah. Vending machines that sells hair products? WOW XD

  9. there's a legendary banana vending machine?! lol.

    aaw, awesome hanami photos! lol at the host party! haha... it rained here last weekend and now the sakura are almost gone so i missed my chance to have a hanami party :( but i enjoyed your pictures!

  10. I'm glad you made it back to Japan safely! These photos were awesome!

    I wanted to let you know that I've linked to this post on my own blog: http://stacywahhh.blogspot.com/2011/04/things-i-learned-in-japan-why-sakura.html

    Seeing this makes me feel better. By reading this post, it almost seems as if Japan is returning to normal!

  11. yay cool i got the same jacket like the girl one the 3. picture it is from gimlet :P

  12. the little dog is really cute !!!!!

    I finally gone to the Hanami yesterday with a friend !!! It was wonderful ♥

    see you soon Fredrik !!! ^^


  13. Shit, ofta hårsprej i en såndär maskin O_O' Japaner är kreativa dom xD

  14. It's really good to see that there are good times again! ^^ Thanks for all the nice piccus

  15. Love this one ♥ The romantic pic is awesome!

    xoxo, http://rosaliespaperplanes.blogspot.com/

  16. aw im sure you have a good reason for not updating.. but im still really irritated.. -.-'

  17. Thank you so much for all your comments!! =)

  18. stacywahh:

    Thank you!! Cool blog! =)
    Thank you very much for linking!!

  19. leda:

    Sorry for taking such a long time to update!
    I'm happy that you want to read more! Thank you!^^

  20. Yukimi:

    Oh you might be right, it looks like that dance!

    Yeah it sure was some historic events that took place.