Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alcatraz - A Very Sick Restaurant...

I've been hearing about how sick the "Mental Hospital Restaurant" Alcatraz for a long time. Today we were about to find out...

Me and Elyce to the left, that's a university student in Tokyo, were meeting to go shopping. She's from Puerto Rico. Or was it Costa Rica? I always forget, sorry!! :(

Today's style. Cardigan from Daisy in Shibuya 109-2.

We went to Shibuya 109-2 and I bought these shoes. Probably the coolest shoes I've ever had!
I looove the removable thing that covers the shoe strings.

And the fact that the shoe tongue goes up over the jeans makes them for noticeable.

It was pretty emberassing when I tried the shoes on, because I accidently ripped them when I pulled the shoe strings too hard, in front of a staff. Then I said I would come back to the store after looking around, but he said that they were the only one in Shibuya 109-2 having sneakers which isn't true.

Anyway I bought the shoes, but I wanted a new pair, which the staff thought was okey. But when I had left the store I saw that he had put down the ripped shoes there, so I went back to change them. Elyce said that she had experienced something similar at Shibuya 109 when the staff lied about what size they put down in her bag.

That's really not okey, but I guess they are really pressured to sell a lot. :/

Then we went to the store Diavlo which sells bags and accessories for both men and women. You can buy a bag and then style it with accessories, like the ones this dog is covered in...

Right in the middle of all the accessories they had a scissor hand! I hope you can't buy that!! XD

Reminds me of this guy from last Halloween in Shibuya. ;D

Afterwards we took a "shopping-purikura" with Elyce bag and my shoes.

Then it was time for things to get weird!! We went to Alcatraz where you have to press your blood type to enter.

On the way to our table we passed by their kitchen...

Before sitting down one of us had to get electrified in this! :O

I was unselfish enough to give Elyce this wonderful opportunity. ;D

Then we got locked into one of the many prison cells.

The waitresses serving us.

Apart from the crazy doctors running around the staff looked nice so far. But that would change!! :(

The menu. You should be very cautious when picking your food!

These canister drinks were one of the things on the menu.

They had bigger ones too.

It was a very very strange menu...

We were pretty hungry so we didn't really dare to order anything we might not be able to eat. XD

Then it got dark all of a sudden and scary music started playing.

The cute waitresses were gone and strange freaks passed by outside our room.

The wall next to me was only a curtain which people could sneak in through which made it even more uncomfortable. Elyce started checking so that there weren't any holes or secret doors in her wall.

Seeing this guy standing outside our door wasn't very fun. :O

Thought I was gonna die when he rushed in! ;D

This monster came in and hit us in the head with his plastic hammer! XD

When the monsters were gone I had to go straight to the toilet!

Very nasty toilet! :/

Just when we were about to go home it got dark again and sirens started. You could hear clown voices from the speakers saying: -"Welcome to Disney World!"

We thought the monsters were coming again and tried to escape. But then the waitresses pulled out all the customers from their prison cells and started doing gymnastics...

I think we both thought we had seriously went insane when that happened!!XD

It must be one of my strangest experiences ever. Even in Japan!

Here's a video from the gymnastics at Alcatraz:

After paying for our "stay" at this insane hospital, we got some prescripted medicine. We're sure gonna need it after this!! ;D


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! X'''''''''''''''''''D

  2. OMG I want to go to this restaurant!!! XD woahahah
    (Elyce looks nice :3)

  3. Haha, so cool, but weird! : D It would be very fascinating and exciting to experience something like that but it would probably just freak me out. :' D Especially that moment when it got dark and there was that scary music, eeek... Also, if any of those creatures had come too close to me I`d have likely run away or hit them because of scare, lol... :-----D

    So probably not the right place for a coward like me. ; )

  4. This is so fcked up, lol. I don't think I'd go to such a restaurant xD! I'd probably die from the shock!

  5. hahahaha omg. i already heard about this, so it's true... pretty strange XD

  6. Omigosh! That's absolutely insane! :D
    It seems like it'd be fun, but in a spooky, random way xD

    I'm sorry to hear about the bad experience with your shoes :(
    I hope it doesn't happen again!

    It's good to read another wonderful post of yours again! :D

  7. That medicine is the best XD
    "Makes you want to kiss someone"

  8. haha, looks cool! i went to the "lock up" once.. it was a bit less spoky but same concept. you need to go with a big group though. it's more fun!

  9. wow I would like to go there xD

  10. scary :X
    but i wanna try it lol

  11. haha omg Scissorhands is my coworker! and his girlfriend

    small world :)