Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Met the Most Famous Host Ever

Hosts are people that get payed for drinking champange and having fake relationships. It's harder than it sounds! However, nobody does it better than this guy.

When I had just come back to Japan, I was really jet-lagged so I woke up 3am in the night. Usually most things are open at that time in Tokyo, but now those places close at midnight. My favorite ramen-place even closes at 22.30. :(

But there's one place that you can always trust. It sells everything you can imagine and much more, and it's always open no matter what. It's called Don Kihote, and you're almost guaranteed to see hosts there, since they work really late. Now most of it's neon signs are dark though, to save energy.

The mascot of Don Kihote. :)

I always go to Don Kihote to buy my favorite yoghurt, but they didn't have it. And you could only take one yoghurt per household of the one they had. As you can see, the mascot deeply apologizes for this. ;)

I shouldn't complain though, in north-east Japan there's recently been whole families living on nothing but one onigiri(rice ball) a day. Now you can have as much yoghurt as you want again, by the way. =)

After I had bought the yoghurt I saw a familiar face. The most succesful host ever, Ryoma, was also shopping at Don Kihote 4am. XD

It was really fun to meet him because I've been seeing him in magazines and videos for so many years. He was super nice and really outgoing. He's from Osaka, where people are known for being much more easy to talk with than in Tokyo. Most comedians in Japan are also from there.

I told him I've been in the magazine Men's Knuckle which he is modeling for. You can read about that here. He hadn't seen it but he would go home and check. We took pictures together but I looked horrible, specially next to him with his perfect skin. ;D

Me: -"Nice to meet you! See you again at Donki!"

Ryoma: -"See you at Men's Knuckle!"

So what can we learn from this? If you ever wanna talk to a host, don't go to a Host Club. Just go to Don Kihote. =)

You might get to hear there amazing theme song as well!!^^


  1. he is the most famous host in japan? oo
    I think he doesn't look that good..but maybe he has hidden secrets which make girls crazy XDD
    anyway it's great that you instantly meet famous persons :3

  2. ryoma is so handsome :D great for you to meet him *__* i love his hair, and like you said, his skin looks so perfect :D

  3. I've always thought that it would be cool to just talk to people you don't know, and listen to their problems etc. Hosts are such amazingly social!

    That mascot is funny ;)

  4. Oh wow! * O * how lucky! Haha, even late at night he looks so awesome! What a coincidence in meeting him! Yay, Osaka! haha~

    I've never heard of this market before! But it looks very cute haha! especially the mascot!

  5. That's so awesome! it's ncie to hear that he's easy-going even though he's really famous

  6. Wowwww I'm so jealous, Ryoma is sooo hottt <3

    I hope you'll meet him again :D

  7. Whoo, a good Ramen shop~
    Mind sharing the location? I kind of made it my mission to check out the best places for Ramen in Tokyo, hehe

  8. AHHH, SO LUCKY!!!! Ryoma is so cool ;_;

  9. haha, do you know what club he works at? i should go there!!

    i knew he seemed familiar cuz my friend recently forced me to watch "The Great Happiness Space" and that's in Osaka... i think he's in it.. must be. it's a bit old...

    it's cool you guys had a chat!

    i always get hit on by hosts if i go to Donki :p but they just want me to go to their club!! i wanna have a chat and take pictures with them like you! haha...

    you know, you should totally go be a foreign host... that would be hilarious!!

  10. Whawuu~ so cool! Isn't it hard to distinguish such cool hosts also if u saw pictures &nd then u see them in reality? xD
    but haha, he seems to be nocturnal too? XD

  11. Donki in Okubo is always full of hosts ^^

  12. Donki, the eternal saviour! :')
    I can remind myself going there after every party.