Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is This a Girl or Boy??

Do you think these high-heel shoes belongs to a woman?

No, they belong to this guy!

He works at a this store selling harem pants guarded by a tiger and turtle.

Some things to complete your spring look! ;D


  1. look nice ^^ i love ppl like him.. he have his own oryginal style :)

  2. oh those shoes<3
    in the first pic behind that guy - freaking cool jacket ! maybe leather? that would have been cool when it was a bit colder :D

    FREDRIK I got a suggestion! If you can find some second-hand shops there, could you please go visit and check if you can find something cool there? (: like a special post for the small purse -people (:

  3. ahhhhh soo cool! I wish I lived in Japan so badly! TT^TT ♥♥ I love all your posts! keep em coming! lol ^_^

  4. that's a bit weird... i mean, i know i like guys who wear makeup and all, but i draw the line at high-heels!! lol. they belong to us!!!

  5. wha how cool! I love baggy pants-i want to go there too *^*

  6. is it creepy that I like the last picture? xD
    and his shoes are awesome!

  7. xD mind fuck! But he is totally working those heels~
    ♥ Love Love Love harem pants