Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Engla and Me in New EGG

Engla and me is on a small picture in the latest issue of Men's EGG Youth. It's in the bottom right corner, if it's too small for you to find. ;D

The picture was part of a report from the EGG Youth Party in January. That party was so much fun! Miss that time!! You can read about it here.

This is what the new design of Men's EGG Youth look like.

This is what it used to look like. Which design do you like better?

Here's the Youth Party report we're in. See the red arrow for our photo. Under the photo it says: "Foreigners discovered! We found foreigners paying respect to Shibuya street culture."

There's been many EGG magazines now, and the style and models has changed a lot over the years. This book about the history about EGG, following the life story of some gyaru models from the first issues was recently released. It's crazy how much the gyaru fashion has changed since it started.


  1. I was just thinking that could I find that book somewhere online.

    Congrats, in a magazine again ! ^(^o^)^

  2. nice entry :D
    I prefer the old men's egg Youth design to be honest... (=_=)
    and omg I'd be SO interested in the egg history book(*-*)

  3. Congrats on your picture being in EGG! ^o^

    I like the new cover but the older cover looks... cooler? I guess I could say? xDDD;; the new one looks really conservative, I think LOL but it's nice still!

  4. eeeh... i didn't know that! i want that history of egg book! lol. i also didn't know that there was a "mens egg" youth! must look it up! lol.

  5. I wouldn't feel too bad about ripping the shoe string...I'm pretty sure that's the cheapest part of the whole shoe. :_) Anyways, you're a sweetheart for justifying them giving you the shoe with the bunk shoe lace. :_) I think I kinda like the old Youth Egg magazine...It kinda had more personality to it...Considering it's for the Youth and all...The new version seems so adult...And boring.

  6. I remember that day you went, yay your picture shows up in the magazine now my friend!

    I like the new design better, the cover has more impact now^^

  7. wow so nice your picture on EGG !!!!!!!!! ♥