Friday, April 29, 2011

Avril Lavigne Shopping at Shibuya 109

Avril Lavigne was in Japan to promote her new Album Goodbye Lullabye. She also had time for some shopping with the Popteen superstar Kumicky.

Video of Avril shopping at Shibuya 109 with Kumicky and meeting Tomomi from the girlband AKB48:

Since Avril doesn't speak Japanese and the Japanese girls doesn't speak English they need an interpretor all the time. It would be a really cool job to be an interpretor like that.

Avril thinks "Japan takes fashion to the next level" and loves shopping here.

Here's what she bought at Shibuya 109. Her favorite stores turned out to be tutuHA, CocoLulu and Gilfy.

The AKB48 member Tomomi(right of the coffe cup) told Avril she has been listening to her music since she was small. AKB48 is an extremley popular girlband from Akihabara that originally had 48 members, but Tomomi tells Avril that they're now more than 100!

Everybody wanted to meet Avril. Here together with the "Gyaru-Mama" Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Avril Lavigne is one of few foreign superstars in Japan together with Lady Gaga. A 3D version of her latest music video have been playing in Sony Building in Ginza lately. 


  1. Avril talks so weird.. it just sounds like, awkwarddddd for her to be speaking English xDDD;;

    She has more of an accent than I do with my Valley Girl accent!

  2. cool. i love this post. but yeah, i agree that she talks weird. lol.

  3. I dun like avril.. she seems so fake and forced to me -_-.. used to be fan of her though, hahaha :P

  4. It's AKB48, not AK48. You should atleast know the name of the band if you're gonna write ab it -o-

  5. Anonymous:

    That's right! Don't know how I could get it wrong, sounded like a weapon instead. :/

  6. I actually don't mind her music but maaaaan it's like she has NO attention span at all. I know its because she's simultaneously listening to an interpreter and all I'm sure but MAN. XDDD

    This was cool though! Why am I not surprised she raided CoLu and TutuHA though. XD

  7. i know! i thought she sounded awkward too! how weird... but thanks for posting that, it was fun to see her shop, eheh.

    on a side note, that Tomomi chick is so ugly... seriously Japan... fan some better looking talentless popstars! come on!

  8. Avril had some kind of serious and forced face all time :o she just can't enjoy it at all. ):

    I agree with the interpretor thing, I'd like to be one someday ! (:

  9. It's so weird to see her in Japan! I like her clothes choices, though! The studded sneakers look awesome!

  10. I think it's adorable that Avril went to JP.
    It'd have been nice if she learned a couple of words though.
    But still, Agepoyo~