Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Shirt is a Bag!

Is this a shirt or a bag? A shirt-bag perhaps?

I was walking around at Bondi Beach when I saw something mysterious.

The mysterious thing was not this cool graffiti painting which you can also find on Bondi Beach.

This hoodie that looks like a bag is what got me confused. Or is it a bag that looks like a hoodie?

Apparently it's "only" a bag that LOOKS like a hoodie. You can't actually wear it as a hoodie. :/
But if you want it anyway, you can buy it here.

At the store "Between the Flags" where I saw it, they also have some matching pink UGGs! =)
Is UGG from Australia? I'm starting to wonder since they sell UGG everywhere here, and there's even a brand named "UGG Australia".


  1. UGG is i think from Australia ~
    even here in England tons and tons of people especially teenagers wears UGG.. =.="
    i hate it! i feel like living in UGG planet @o@ lol

    the hoodie bag looks awesome btw :L

  2. yes of course UGG is Australian :)!

  3. Emiko Rei:

    Oh ok, yeah it seems to be really popular everywhere now! Hahaha... If you can't beat them, join them! ;D

    I didn't really like the look of UGG first, but now I desperatley want some haha. But it's spring now, can you wear them any season!? :/

  4. 【 Irié 】:

    Ok great to finally have that figured out!^^
    Do you happen to know what the name "UGG" mean by the way?

    If it has any meaning to it...

  5. UGG is most famous for making ugg boots, which are made from keep your toes super warm in the winter. They're ridiculously popular in the US -.- Ugg boots are just boots made from sheepskin.

    I guess it's alright to wear them in the spring, but I wouldn't wear them in the summer bc these are more appropriate for winter/cold weather.

  6. That is the weirdest shirt/bag haha cute colors though~! ^^;;;

  7. I had a hoodie bag back in the day...
    maybe 4 years ago (>_<)
    they sold them at Hot Topic.
    mine was black and pink.
    fun at first of course,
    but gets troublesome not being able to see any of your stuff through the hood space :P
    bascially I just felt around the bag until I could grab what I was looking for...

    "The Mortel Skeepskin Factory has been making ugg boots since 1958, with Frank Mortel claiming he named them "ugg boots" after his wife commented that the first pair he made were 'ugly.'"
    -well this is what I found online ( =w=)

  8. the brand ugg is australian anyway, but now there are fake uggs everywhere, authentic uggs are quite expensive i think because they are made out from wool

  9. Awwww I want one of those shirtbags ! ♥ they look so cute and awesome : D
    - Arutte

  10. They sell uggs all over the world...