Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Food is Gone and the Stores are Closed!! :O

After the earthquake people have been panicking to store up a lot of food and water in their houses in case the transportations doesn't start or something happens again. The food stores are either closed or almost empty...

Here I'm happily coming with my shopping basket to buy some food...

What!!?? The food is gone!! :O

Pretty empty.

Very empty.

100% empty.

The Japanese food stores are usually so filled with stuff that there's not even enough room for everything.

The staff started cleaning up the empty shelves.

Not only most of the food is gone, almost every store is closed in the city where shopping is religion.

Outside the stores there's sign that says that it's closed because of the "Jishin", which means earthquake in Japanese.

The Starbucks cafés in Tokyo makes more money than anywhere else in the world.
But today they're all closed...

Even the Pachinko halls that's usually always open no matter what are closed
with warning signs all over. Pachinko = Japanese Slot machines

The huge Yodobashi-Camera department store that sells everything in electronics were closed down. They must loose so much money in just one day... The hundreds of neon-signs were all shut down
and dark.

At this point the crazily populated Tokyo started to feel like a ghost-town.
After the news of the explosion in the nuclear plant we saw people checking out of their hotels and hurried to the trains with their travel bags.

Got a bit worried and talked with a police about this.

Me: -"Why is everything closed??"

Police: -"The food is sold out so they have nothing to sell."

Me: -"But what about the electronics stores. Those are closed too."

Police: -"Ah, there's no customers."

Me: -"Oh I see. We heard about the nuclear plant explosion... Are we okey here??"

Police: -"Yes we're okey here in Tokyo. The nuclear plant is five hours away with train."

After midnight some shipments seemed to have finally reached the stores. But only soda...

...and potato-chips. Let's enjoy the earthquake-diet. :P


  1. That's insane! Tokyo should never look so quiet!

  2. Galet :O Kan inte ens föreställa mig affärer utan mat oO Hoppas allt kommer igång igen snabbt!

  3. good that you were not in sendai! feel so sorry to everyone in japan. i even showed these pictures to my mom and she looked pretty shocked... hope you can make things alright in tokyo as soon as possible! and you can get your food :D

  4. How was Shibuya 109 today? :O
    Closed too?

  5. Anonymous:

    That's a good question! I wasn't in Shibuya today so I couldn't check for myself. But I tried to check some blogs of people that work there, and seems like they actually worked today but that it was scary today too even though it was only some smaller earthquakes that struck today compared to yesterday.

    Jenny that I've been writing a lot about in this blog worked in Shibuya 109 on the day the big earthquakes struck by the way, and was stuck there for many hours. :(

  6. crazy! im so used to seeing japan so full of everything! keep the pictures coming! & stay positive! and stay safe fredrik!

  7. looks like horrible o_ö
    but its really serious the earthquake!
    I hope everything there is ok and nothing other bad happen with japan.
    many people pray for japan, like me too.

    Greetings from Germany~

  8. Hope you have some food at home! Because only soda & chips...bleh! But happy you are fine, that's the most important!

  9. wah, that's so crazy! i wonder when everything will go back to normal for you guys... be safe!

  10. Yeah when the great Hanshin hit, some of my friends had to live on soda, water and potato chips for a few days because there was nothing else to buy. :/
    I do love your pictorial explanation though, again I appreciate a little bit of age in the middle of chaos. (^^)b

  11. Ah!! Isn't that crazy?? I went to three convinient stores with my boyfriend's sister yesterday and only one actually had stock! And that's because it was waaaaay out in the country side near Narita!!! >.<

    So crazy!

  12. Wow.. pretty crazy seeing a supermarket empty like that. It's like the apocalypse.

    Hope you guys stay safe, and well fed~

  13. That's crazy! Ö_Ö
    Japan really looks like a ghost town in these pictures... Scary!

    I hope you'll be able to find some ~*real*~ food, because the potato chips and soda diet doesn't sound very healthy.... But if there's nothing else to eat or drink, then I guess you don't have any other choice..? D:

    It's so horrible what is happening in Japan... Hang in there and take care!

  14. i life in tochigi 143km away from the atom plant. its terrible what happend. and its more terrible whats in the north now.

  15. wow, that's sick! And kinda eering, like in a thriller movie :P
    Haha, I was wondering if the pachinko halls were open or not, they sure have some loyal costumers :P

  16. man.... this is really crazy~ U___U

  17. this is terrible ( ̄■ ̄;)!?
    but u say about earthquake-diet...very funny ('ー') フフ

  18. this is really scary seeing everything gone on the shelfs... stay safe! i heard many businesses are trying to return to normalcy now.