Sunday, March 27, 2011

Australia Street Snaps

This girl walked by together with some people in Japanese haircuts on Sydney's
main street George Street.

Maybe she had been walking in the "Sydney Zombie Parade". About three thousand zombies marched around to raise money for the Brain Foundation of Australia this Saturday. 

These three friends carrying a "Call of Duty"-Poster were a bit inspired by Japanese fashion.

Their style reminds me about the American rock band Paramore. I haven't thought of it before,
but those haircuts would look pretty "Gyaru-O" with some more hair spray.

Happy guy handing out newspapers at Melbourne Central Station.

Staff at the Superdry store in Sydney.

Superdry is an English brand with Japanese theme. Sometimes you can buy their products in G-Star Raw stores in Sweden, but I've never seen a whole store with their products before.

They have a lot of nice clothes and stuff, but unfortunatley I'm pretty poor
after buying flight tickets and paying for hotel rooms.

There's a lot of birds here by the way. I got a little scared when I saw this one walking around at a parking lot close to me...

This parrot looked more colorful and friendly. It's owner walked around and talked with it! ^^
A school class of kids came by and thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. =D


  1. There is a Superdry here in Los Angeles ^3^ I'm surprised to see it where you are!! I just found that store out a week or so ago~~very cool clothes!

  2. Woah the zombie parade, that's kind of awesome. They had a similar thing called a "zombie apocalypse" in melbourne last year, unfortunately it wasn't a fundraiser, but it was still really cool to watch.

    I can't believe you came to Melbourne! That's where I live ^__^ If you went to Flinders Street station on a saturday you could've gotten some great street snaps. There's a lot of scene kids who sit on the steps of that station, and some punks too. Or there's an area called Brunswick which is full of indie/hipster people who have pretty great fashion. If you ever come back here, you should check it out :) Melbourne is Australia's fashion capital after all.

    How long are you in Sydney for?
    and, are you with friends?

  3. みか☆ちゃん:

    Oh, really? I've been to LA two times but never seen it. Maybe it's new for them to have their own stores or something?

    Yeah I agree, cool clothes!! Pretty original. =)

  4. emily joy:

    Oh wow, is there a lot of different events like that in Australia? Or is it always about zombies? ;D

    Really?? I wish I had known that, would have been fun to meet! Oh ok I remember hearing about those places, but I was only at the train station of Flinders Street, and I think I only saw Brunswick at a map... :/

    I probably missed so much fun and cool things in Melbourne. Yes hopefully I can come back and check that out! Anyway, I liked what I got to see and experience! Yeah there were a lot of fashionable people there so I can understand that! Many cool people in Sydnet too though.

    I'll be in Sidney until 3rd April where my plane goes back to Melbourne Tullamarine airport. But im there for about 12 hours, so I guess it's too short time to leave the airport, but a long time to wait there... You don't happen to live close to the Tullamarine airport haha?

  5. Those Paramore guys have nothing to do with gyaru-o. Their hair is just a regular emo hairstyle. Don't get confused here. You just can't look gyaru-o from everything. period. Hell, even your own hair is not gyaru-o. No matter how much you say you style it that way it doesn't appear as gyaru-o hairstyle.