Sunday, March 27, 2011

Having Trouble Viewing This Blog?

Most people visiting this blog uses Firefox according to the statistics, and then I think it looks okey.
I use Firefox when I write the blog posts so I guess that's the web browser it looks best with.

But when I view it in Internet Explorer, it sometimes looks like at the picture above. A lof of the text
is appearing on the side of some pictures which makes it really hard to read.

Are you experiencing any troubles viewing this blog?

Is there anybody that use Blogger and recognizes this problem?


  1. Yeah(: everytime i view your blog it looks exactly like that. but i dont really mind it though..haha.

  2. ナンシー:

    Oh that's really bad, sorry! :(
    I hope I can find some way to fix it.

    Thank you for having patience!

  3. Jag har endast sett din blogg sådär som bilden ovan en gång. Men jag använder firefox och jag använder också blogger, men jag tror inte jag har haft samma problem. Inte vad jag vet O.O


  4. I use Chrome, and I experience the same problem. It's totally surmountable, though. ;)

  5. I'm using Forefox and everything's fine :)

  6. I use firefox and no problems that I notice, I guess firefox is the best haha!

  7. Whole time I've read this blog it's been looking like that and I thought you knew about it :D.It's sometimes kinda challenging to read your posts but it's ok.

  8. I use Firefox and Blogger and haven't ever experienced that issue, but it may be an issue with other browsers, good point½ Maybe I should check if mine does the same... :/

  9. yeah, it looks like that when i read it! i wonder why... it's a little bit of a pain so it'd be nice if you can fix it, but if i really want to read, i don't mind ^_-