Monday, March 21, 2011

The Robot That Never Came to Life

This robot made by the telephone company Docomo was supposed to showcase their new super fast internet connection. That never happened. :(

They often have events promoting new products next to the east exit of Shinjuku station. 
They were going to have a big event today as well...

...but it was cancelled because of the earthquake, just like everything else these days.

I was so surprised when I looked behing the plastic curtains and there was a big robot standing there!

The robot was going to show the power of Docomo's upcoming mobile internet connection.

Japan has the largest population of robots in the world. Maybe those robots can help out in the search for missing people and rebuilding houses after the disasters? 


  1. Its good that u took these pics. so later on in time, you could look back at these things and remember how it was.....U___U

  2. I love how you always manage to make a fun/interesting spin on something that everyone else just adds negative vibes to.

    Props to that! ^^)b

  3. Kilala Michi:

    Yeah photos are a really good way to remember how things was more clearly. I think that me and a lot of other people will appreciate some things that they took for granted before after these very unique and sad events.

  4. Ri:

    Thank you!

    Or I mean, it's nothing fun or humorous with disasters that kill a lot of people, so I hope nobody thinks that I'm trying to joke about it.

    But I understand what you mean! Tack!