Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tom Cruise goes: Agepoyo...? トム・クルーズはコールに「アゲポヨ…?」

Tom Cruise were recently in Japan to promote his new movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.


After he arrived at Haneda airport a group of school girls repeatedly shouted:
-"Tomu, Agepoyo!"


Tom Cruise smiled and replied:

Sources: CinemaCafe & 2nn (Japanese)


詳しくは:CinemaCafe & 2nn

If he googled it he probably found this blog. Tom, you can find out the meaning of "Agepoyo" in the first entry of this blog here. ;)

Tom Cruise were in Japan when his last movie Knight & Day had preimiere as well.

That time he played a funny game with Cameron Diaz and the extremley popular Japanese boy band Arashi.

I were watching it together with Mr. Jakob who had just seen the movie.

Me: -Was the movie good?

Mr. Jakob: -Filled with clichees and at the end you kinda wanted to shoot yourself.

Me: -Hahaha I see.

Mr. Jakob: Other than that it was okey.

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