Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Funny Food: Cranberry Pizza 面白い食べ物:クランベリーピーザー

Ate this cranberry pizza with chocolate sauce at the COEX mall in Seoul, South Korea.

The COEX mall is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. The buildings you see here is only what's above ground! :O

If you ever visit one of their two food courts, be sure to try this crazylicious pizza! :)

Lots of leaves! This is the closest you come to nature in the mega metropolis Seoul. ;)

Pizza can be pretty greasy to eat, but who wanna take a napkin when they folded them this nicely!?^^

It's really cheap in South Korea compared to Japan, so I ate a few pizzas... Here's a bacon & potato pizza at Pizza Hut.

In Korea and Japan you can usually ring a bell to call the waitress. All countries should have them! Really convenient!

I've earlier been writing about dessert pizzas in Japan here.

I found a new one with ice cream and brownies at the restaurant La Pausa! All my sorrows were gone after a slice. ;)

This one at Shakey's is gotta be "The Mother of All Dessert Pizzas" though! One bite of it and you're in seventh pizza heaven! ^^

Other than dessert pizzas, the Pruscuttio pizza is popular in Japan.

The pizzas in Sweden are huge compared to the Japanese ones so a visitor Japanese thought one were meant for five people.

Always remember to do the Pizza pose when you eat pizza! (Honestly have no idea what pose we're doing)


  1. Hahaha the last pic :D

    Looks like Pizzaheaven, u got me going now, craving 4 pizza ;D Nomnom!!

  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would love Korea!!!!

  3. Can I ask you,how much is pizza in Korea and how much is in Japan?I'm really curious about prices there :P Thanks! :33333
    Oh,and I really like your blog! :D

  4. Jag tänker bara på Pikachu ^^