Thursday, February 16, 2012

Movie Review: Chronicle ムービー:クロニクル

Yesterday I watched the movie Chronicle about regular boys discovering super powers which is all fun until people get hurt.

Before the movie we ate fried bananas and discussed what super powers we would like. I would choose to be able to read people's minds, because girls are so complicated! ;D

What super power would you want, and why?

I love that it's filmed with the boys own camera, just like one of my favorite movies Cloverfield, which makes it feel real.

Here's a clip from when they're playing around with their super powers. The movie really had it's moments but considering the huge potential it could have been even better. I give it 75 out of 109.

If you happen to get a super power, don't forget what the Swedish character Pippi Långstrump says: -"If you're really strong, you have to be really nice!" :P

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