Friday, February 17, 2012

Mad Man or Genius!? バカか天才!?

I've seen so much strange people in Japan but this old man Said and I saw were just too much! XD

Some of he's amazing accessories is the aquariums with living gold fish hanging from his gigantic hat.

I wonder how a person become like this. Did something tragic happen to him or did he find some kinda inner peace?

What is he thinking while proudly looking at his reflection?


  1. ohhhh my god. At least he looks happy!

  2. i love that guy! i saw him in a photo book here in Urban Outfitters , he's pretty popular! i love how he expresses himself! very weird / creative / unique!

  3. OMG !!!!!! This is mad awesome!

  4. Lol ! "Just be yourself anyway" :p he looks happy what's else ? ^^