Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leon Eats a Paper Sandwich ;D レオンは紙のサンドイッチを食べる!(笑)

Leon found this low calorie paper sandwich in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro. :D

This was over a year ago when I were going to see a movie with Leon.

At that time I ate almost nothing to become an EGG-model haha. Then I discovered the dessert pizzas... ;)

We passed by this store with a super long line! What's going on!? :O

Everybody were lining up to buy these pretzels! :D

All these people! I bet some of them didn't even like pretzels, they just did it for the "fun" of it. ^^

Some Purikura with a Purikura pro! :)

I were at Level 5 out of 8 in my Japanese school at that time. Didn't always understand what Leon wrote then, so fun to look back at the photos now.

We went to Leon's friends store where he showed us this rare jacket.

There's of only five of it in the world and it costs $1700 or 11 000 SEK.

Then looked around at funny things in the department store Sunshine City.

Stitch umbrella in the Disney store. ^^

Did you ever hear about models eating paper to stay thin? Now they can eat a whole sandwich of it...

As you can see it got lettuce, cheeze and tomato just like a real sandwich! ;)

It didn't taste too good so took a chocolate waffle & pumpkin ice cream at Cold Stone, the singing ice cream bar.

Here's what it looks like when they sing funny songs while serving you at Cold Stone hahaha... XD

Bought my tail which was really popular accessory in Japan back then.

Purikura with the tail haha! :D

"Kouichi" is Leon's real name. Kouichi means "The health first".

Then we went to see Harry Potter which is so big in Japan.

After the movie you could see a chart of how all the characters are linked to each other! :)

And of course buy all kinda movie-related goods like this monster book.

It was fun and kinda unreal to hang out with Leon. A very special person who dared to be different in Japan where nobody's supposed to stand out.

I hope we meet again on "short days in the Ikebukuro" haha! ^^ 


  1. You always show pictures of food.. And it all just looks soooo yummy! I want one of those chocolate waffles, haha!

    The singing ladys are so adorable.

    I love the Purikuras! You and Leon look so nice in them. I bet it was lots of fun!

  2. I'd like to try some of those sandwiches ;D

    also, I just saw you in this video and I never knew you met Ken! O:

  3. Looks like so much fun XD