Thursday, February 16, 2012

Egg Model Akkiina: Super Mario in Sweden too!? エッグモデルのアッキーナ:「スーパーマリオはスウェーデンでもいるの!?」

We often ran into Egg-models while taking photos for TokyoFaces. Here together with my old friends Morieda, Akkiina and a new girl model.

These three colorful guys were on their way to a Street Snap shoot for Egg. They were really nice and thought it was funny to take photos together.

Here's Said's photos of them. Not sure how this guy came up with his style but I love it! ^^

The blonde reminds me of some K-pop idol with that hair and glasses.

This is what the Egg-photoshoot on Shibuya crossing looked like.

There were also a demonstration against Nuclear plants in town.

Lots of protestors in the streets.

On the sign: "Let's save the planet with Femininity!"

Passed by one of the most famous Egg-models Takkezou and the Egg-editor in Harajuku another day.

The snap of Takkezou for TokyoFaces. The "cowboy hat necklace" that he's wearing were really popular at that time. 

There's a park between Harajuku and Shibuya where you can see people walk on robot stilts sometimes! :)

Looks like so much fun! Seen them do tricks as well. I wanna try! ^^

Back in Shibuya outside 109 these guys were like: -"Seriously? You want us for a photo!?". It's fun when people react that way and not ignore you or get scared! ;)

Saw Morieda and two model friends who had been to another Egg-shooting. He works as a host nowadays and said it's tough.

Do you recognize us from when he and Masshu used to work at Shibuya 109? Almost everybody I knew there quit and became hosts because the salaries were too low.

Akkiina(right) who's a guy, have never been girlier with his super light voice and leopard heels. But so funny!

After Said had told him we're from Sweden he found this photo on my camera and shouted: -"Is there Super Mario in Sweden too!?"

Said's photos of them were flawless, as always!

When I showed them the site we're taking photos for on his iPad they recognized one of the people on there. They were not the first ones.

It was Mayu Mori who works at Tutuha in Shibuya 109, got 20.000 blog readers a day and is fanatic about Lego...

The first thing that's written in her blog is "I♥LEGO!!".

She's part of a crew called "Hadesa" which means "flashy" together with Bazu which I met earlier. Read about my meeting with her here.

Bazu(middle) was one the coolest people ever but when I saw Mayu Mori at a Ramen-place she was really stuck up. I tried to talk to her but she and her friend started rolling their eyes.

It's hard to not smile when you see her happy outfits though. More Mayu at this tumblr.

Today's lesson is that the Danish toy Lego is big in Japan while the Japanese game Super Mario is popular in Scandinavia. ^^

Anyway, now I'm gonna go build myself this lifesize Buzz Lightyear from the Lego store at Odaiba. ;D


  1. is this with the leopard shoes on first picture a boy or a girl loool

    1. It's a boy! :)
      He's name is Akinari but he's called Akkiina and is known for being one of Egg's few gay models. I've written about him a couple of times before in this blog.

    Akkiina is so cute! Damn, his outfit fits him better that girls xD
    I thought the same about the "K-pop artist guy" ahaha!!!
    Thanks once again for sharing these awesome pictures with us ;) Keep enjoying!