Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Åland - Korea's Trendiest Store オーランド、韓国の一番オシャレなお店

Staff at the store Åland in Myong-Dong, South Korea.


The bustling streets of Myong-Dong are full of screens and stores, a bit like Shibuya or Times Square.


Interesting that they named the store after the small Finnish Island Åland. =)


Cool staff and clothes inside. I like those jeans!


Crazy colorful accessories!



  1. I will definitely pay a visit to this store!!!

  2. I must have been blind for not seeing this awesomazing store ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

  3. Really amazing shops as ever *o*
    I wanna go!!

  4. the staff member looks so stylish! :-O

  5. That staff member is so well dressed!

  6. I want to go to Japan in a few years and go to language school there. I'm trying to decide whether or not to get a working holiday visa because i know that you only get one of those in your lifetime in japan. The thing I want to know is ... how hard is it to get modelling is japan (nothing sexy or erotic)??? I'm caucasian, 175/176cm, slim, fair skinned, hazel eyes... Do you think anyone would want to sign me up or am I just kidding myself?

    1. Sorry for my late reply!

      I'm not sure how hard it is to become a model in Japan. Some of my foreign friends got a lot of modeling work there, but I don't think they would have been able to live off it. Sometimes people get scouted around Shibuya crossing but you can also go and sign up yourself for agencies.

      I would guess it's easier to become a model there than in most countries, but it depends so much on weather you fit into the particular magazine's style etc.

  7. woow i so wanna go there! U got an awesome hair ^__^

  8. Amazing love it !! i always love your pictures ^^

  9. Okej, detta är helt klart det roligaste jag sett/läst på länge.
    HUR kommer det sig att det finns en butik I Sydkorea, SYDKOREA! som heter Åland!?
    Det är ju bara helt wierd, jag undrar om de vet att det finns en ö som heter så.. men de måste de ju veta... :P
    Anyway nu fick jag ännu en anledning att fara till Sydkorea - besöka butiken som är döpt efter ön jag bor på xD