Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spanish Gyaru Sheep Visit DecaBar スペイン人のギャル・ウサギとデカバーで飲み会!

Met up Andrea and Chelsea to visit their DJ-friend Kenny Creation at Tokyo Decadance Bar.

It was really cold this day, so had to dress winter style.

Anne that lived at the same guest house as me came too. The mirror at this kombini was much cleaner than mine! :/

Chelsea and Andrea looked so cold! I've heard of Gyaru Mama, Dark Gyaru(kuro-gyaru) and even Farmer gyaru(nou-gyaru) but never Gyaru Sheep! :)

It looked so funny when they walked around among all the salary men in black suits! ^^

Tokyo Decadance Bar, Decabar, is inside this amazing place Christon Cafe.

In the sofas at DecaBar.

This sofa/throne were pretty colorful!

Just like the crazy menu and drinks...

...not to mention the bartender! XD

Met Kenny Creation there with over 4000 Facebook friends including Andrea and Chelsea.

He were DJ and played some of his favorite German songs when he heard that Anne comes from Germany.

Saw on their New Year Party invitation card that my friend Tina had been their model. She's modeling for Ageha sometimes too.

When I went to the toliet the walls were full of eyes! :O

Pretty psychedelic interior overall. ;)

Then time for some Purikura, Rola edition! (The girl standing in the background)

Rola from Bangladesh has become extremley famous in Japan for acting in the childish way she does in this commercial.

And here is our super childish Rola-purikura! ;)

Never wanna grow up. :P


  1. It is incredible how some of the girls you meet look like Japanese gyaru...i am not talking about the style, they just look like your average, cute Japanese gyaru from popteen.

  2. Wow, you meet so many cool people and visit so many cool places!!

  3. You meet so many cool people and visit so many exciting places!!

  4. I´m jealous!!!I´d like my trip was for meet a lot of people like they did!!!

  5. Amazing place!!!!! Love the detail of the eyes in the toilet but... ISN'T IT SCARY!?? Ahahaha!!
    Rola has changed a lot, I've many old magazines in which she didn't look very important model but now she's awesome! *_*

  6. decabar is fun and i like japanese gyaru

  7. Chel and Aki are sooooooo cute!!^^

  8. Oh a Rola purikura! I love her, she is soo cute! Must check that out next time I go to Japan.. if it's still there by then... ^^;