Monday, February 20, 2012

Japanese & Spanish Lesson ;) 日本語とスペイン語のレッスン (笑)

The post about Chelsea and Andrea were so popular, so I will soon write more about them! But first a Japanese & Spanish lesson. ;)

The word "age" can mean that something goes up, like when the tension goes up in "agepoyo". But sometimes it means "fried".

And in Spanish the word "pollo" which is prounanced "poyo" means chicken.

So agepoyo might actually mean "fried chicken!" Can I have some McAgepoyo Nuggets please? ;)

Anyhow, in the next post our adventures continue with a visit to DecaBar and more Purikura haha...

If you can't get enough of cool Chelsea and Andrea until then you can visit there blog here! (Spanish)


  1. whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy are they so perfect T^T !!

    1. I wish I knew! Then I would do the same thing they're doing! ;D
      Maybe they had beautiful parents or something? ;)

  2. Can I just ask what language school you go to?

    Love your blog so much!! I wish I found it sooner

    1. I used to go to the Japanese language school KAI. Their website:

      Thank you so much! I'm really happy you found the blog and like it! ^^
      May I ask how you found it by the way?
      It's interesting to hear, to improve how to spread it.

    2. I think I found it by searching agepoyo on google ^^.

      I'm an apsiring (still very young) gyaru. I'm just trying to read blogs and gather as much information as possible about the culture and your blog definitely helps :)

      Thank you for the link

  3. OMG the agepoyo fried chicken thing is so clever, gotta tell my japanese best friend! Btw you are very handsome, such strong facial bone structure :D