Friday, February 24, 2012

Finest Blog Awards

Engla and me went to the Finest Blog Awards party. Met lots of cool people like Victoria here from the TV-show Top Model. =)

Got a new much shorter hair style since I came back to Sweden.

Met up with Engla at the central station. Ready with umbrellas to protect our party hair from the rain! ;)

Wanted to switch to this umbrella but the store were already closed. ;)

First we had a little meeting at Burger King to discuss how to become rich on our blogs haha...

Got these home made cakes from Engla! She likes to bake but can't eat everything by herself so she asks all her friends for help! ^^

Time to get up the camera since lots of celebrities were going to be at the party! ;)

Engla at the red carpet at Café Opera.


This place is about to blow! :)

Many people had come from far away, even other planets! :O

These girls must have kissed the aliens! ;)

With Andreas Wijk, one of Sweden's biggest fashion bloggers. He remembered Engla from an interview she did with him before he were famous.

Engla: -"You two kinda look alike!"

Andreas: -"Ah yeah I thought so too!"

Andreas: -"What did you say you're doing? Teach Chinese!?"

Engla: -"No I'm teaching English to Japanese people over Skype."

Andreas: -"...that's the sickest thing I've ever heard."

Stylish with the hooks on his arms!

He and Sweden's blog queen Kenza with more than 320 000 visitors every hour(!) won prices. Appearently she's so popular that people have to grab her...

Her blog was probably the first one I ever saw, when my sister showed it to me many years ago.

It was fun that she were so nice even though she's almost on every magazine cover in the stores sometimes.

Kenza's friend Jayson from New York which is a DJ at clubs around Stockholm.

Performance on the stage by the band Love Generation with a song from Red One who has produced most of Lady Gaga's hits.

Met blogger Dennis M in the crowd. He's in a TV-show now called "Stylisterna".

He asked me to send the pictures and wrote about it on his blog here. Thanks! :)

With Sanna Bråding, TV-personality and confrencier for the night. She said she actually never read blogs.

Awesome hair! :)

Engla and Finnish-Swedish rapper legend Markoolio switched drinks haha...

The celebrity photographer Bingo Rimér asked if Engla were a Japanese blogger hehe.

Blogger Daniel Paris were happy to be on a photo. =)

He's on TV while I'm writing this, talking about what happened at the event.

Talked about Japanese fashion with Victoria from Swedish Top Model and her friend Teppo. Really friendly! :)

Teppo's nails.

Victoria often makes her own dresses and were wearing her friend's grandmother's hat today! High fashion is high fashion! :)

She had the same spiky shoe model as Kenza.

Victoria and Engla went to the toilet and came back with goodie-bags.

Here's what were inside.

This mini-UGG were one of the things haha! ^^

Remember when I saw this huge UGG in Australia btw? Now I've seen both the biggest and smallest UGG ever. I can finally die happy! ;D

Lots of people recognized Victoria from Top Model and came up and asked for photos, like in this video Engla filmed for her video blog here.

Randomly met Marlie I got to know a few weeks ago. =)

Got some champagne.


André in the middle works with the main sponsor for the event One Piece. They make One Piece suits that a lot of bloggers are wearing.

The owner of the company, Thomas from California.

They had a limo waiting outside. =)

This is how we roll! ;)

Engla & Co enjoying "the good life" in the limo. ;)

Haven't cruised a lot in limousines a lot in my life, but I guess I could get used to it...

Victoria and Teppo took cola from the fast food restaurant Max with them. Looked funny. ^^

The driver.

Marlie's friend.

Crazy night in the blogosphere! :)

Once upon a time people used to lock and hide their diaries, nowadays everybody share their private life with the whole world on blogs.


  1. I LOVE your new haircut!! It suits you very well. Handsome! I've always wanted to go to a blog award like that. It looks like so much fun!

  2. Ow!!! Really nice article! o___o So many pictures, stylish!

  3. That hairstyle suits you so well!:) I think it's so much better than before.

  4. your new haircut is awesome! So many celebrities :O