Friday, May 18, 2012

Tanorexia タノレクシアって病気

Lately everybody in Sweden has been talking about the H&M-ad in the background.

They're afraid that white people want to become super tanned like the Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana.

Because they might end up blue instead like me! I mean red... and then get skin cancer.

The solariums nowadays looks like spaceships so it's hard to resist!

I guess I'll try to stop exposing my skin to these rays... =/

But I might already have got Tanorexia! :O

In similarity to Anorectics which always looks at themselves as fat even if they're very thin, people with Tanorexia believes they're pale and get addicted to tanning.

Some of the staff working at D.I.A in Shibuya 109 might have both of those diagnosis.

I heard from a person working there that they need to go to tanning salons twice a week.

It's interesting that many white people wants darker skin, while many dark people wants lighter skin. Better to be happy with what you have!