Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Purikura #2: Mochi & Dennis

Purikura I took with Mochi I met at an international party and Dennis...

...which tried to escape from the photos haha! XD

But trying to escape from the almighty Purikura machines is pointless!

If you can't beat them - pose for them.

Almost looked like he were enjoying it for a moment! ;)

It might look easy, but Purikura is a very hard and tiring work - just like shopping and partying...


  1. Who ran the international party?? It wouldnt happen to be a church would it ?

    1. It was an organization named "Bridge" that often came to our school. =)
      I don't think they had connection with any church.

      Do you recognize him? Or did you attend an international party that was ran by a church?