Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party Perfection 完璧なパーティー

"Ningyou Zero", one of the amazing guests at at club Trump Room in Shibuya.

A Swedish DJ said it's the only club in the world where he has reached the perfect atmosphere.

It's so sick you won't believe your eyes... in a good way!

When we went to Shibuya to party a day last summer we first got interviewed by TV about women's soccer.

Luckily we had the expert Kim with us! :)

Then we warmed up for the night at an Izakaya.

Dag and Dennis a few beers later...

Kim flipped a Swedish "snusdosa"(chewing tobacco box) into his hand! Great party trick haha! :D

After that we left reality and went to Trump Room.

The Paparazzis went crazy when we came! ;D

Please stop! I want some privacy! :/

Best to to get some make up so they can't recognize us!

There we go! :D

Dennis tackled it with drinking instead. Here with the party organizer Hacchi.

Johanna and her friend.

While Dennis continued drinking a guy started talking to us.

All of a sudden he attacks Dennis! :O

But this is Trump Room - the party must go on!

I bumped into Ningyou Zero again! In a new awesome style! =)

German friend from school.

And then Anica! Lots of acquaintances at Trump Room! ^^

Dennis didn't only get into fights, he also made some friends! Someone with a similar shirt - at Trump Room that's a friend! ;D

These girls also wanted to become his friends.

But Dennis wasn't too sure about it...

He took two more drinks and finally saw what he was looking for!

What a handsome man, at least after some drinking. ;)

What!? But it were going to get worse...

True love! XD

Dennis and the deer shared everything, even expensive drinks!

Not even this Donnie Darko-guy with 3D-glasses could believe his eyes!

And when they Dennis called home and told his story, they didn't believe their ears.

Pics or it didn't happen!

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