Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Criminal Cosplayers 仕置者のコスプレイヤー

The police asked me about a crime.

Where were you? Shibuya.

Time? Halloween.

Wearing? Toy Story's "Little Green Men"-costume.

Eaten anything? Donuts... ;)

Suspects? Bloody zombies in the street! :O

And in the stores!

The mad hatter and Alice.

Corrupt military trying to hide.

Plus his partners in crime!

Nicki Minaj.

Gang searching for Dragon balls.

A very suspicious vegetable.

This masked man.

Meiji milk package & co.

Hippie car.

Who knows what this mans hair could have contained!?

Last but not least, Stitch and an elephant sidekick.

Proof of your innocence? Purikura!

Company? Minnie Mouse & Jack Sparrow.

Relationship to your imaginary friends? Family! :D

Where were you going? To a party!

Any witnesses?

My blog readers!

The cop gave me the following sentence:

Rehab and no more red bull.

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