Monday, May 14, 2012

The Hello Kitty Diet ザ・ハローキティ・ダイエット

I visited Japan's latest TV-star, and my dear friend, Engla in her pink Hello Kitty-mansion! :)

It didn't take me long to figure out that she got a thing for Sanrio's popular kitten! :D

Engla hanging out with her second family. They were so proud that their sister been on TV.

We all had to celebrate that she's been on the show Kawaii International all around the world!

And what's better than some Hello Kitty champange then!?^^

And some ice cream with the same mascot and color, of course! :P

Don't forget to recycle afterwards... Hello Kitty is a way of living!

Another Swedish girl that loves pink stuff is the blogger Paulina Starborn.

She came up with "The Barbie Diet" in which you only eat pink things like gumdrops, watermelon and salmon.

We can recommend this new pink Plopp-chocolate for her, filled with gumdrops. =)

Engla's cat prefers the Hello Kitty diet over the Barbie diet. Yes, there's even Hello Kitty cat food...

Engla eat, sleep and breathe Hello Kitty, Literally.

Everything she had were Hello Kitty-related.


Even her face masks.

It had gotten late and I thought that Hello Kitty champagne must have got to my head...

I desperately escaped to the toilet, but Hello Kitty were already there! :O

I got flashbacks from our time in Japan when Engla and her friend Maria ate pancakes.

Of course Hello Kitty's face were on there as well...

When I think about it she hasn't really been herself since then. =/

Maybe the book "Hello Kitty Must Die" that were recently released in Sweden can help?

One thing's for sure; It's time to take action! ;D


  1. hasn't been herself since then? how so?? :(

    1. Oh I was just joking, sorry if it sounded serious. I meant that she became addicted to
      Hello Kitty after eating that Hello Kitty pancake. But of course that's not the case, she were
      addicted a long time before that... ;D

  2. Ett "litet" beroende..