Thursday, May 24, 2012

Neverending Summers at Disney Sea ディズニーシー

Disney is so popular in Japan that they got two theme parks for it - this time we visited "Disney Sea".

In the train to the park, the windows are shaped like Mickey Mouse.

The handles too! It really contributes to the magical Dinsey atmosphere! =)

Fun to take the Disney train, but would be even better to live at the Disney hotel!

At the entrance with Haruna. If I were a Disney employee I would probably get fired for not smiling...

Possibilies to take pics with your favorite characters! Donald were busy... I got the kinda boring, but very wise Jiminy Cricket. XD

If you wonder why it's called Disney Sea, it's because there's a sea in the middle.

Met up with two friends.

Had this raspberry ice that's popular in Japan during the summers.

If that wasn't enough to deal with the heat, you could get a fan/spray bottle! :)

Then off to Ariel's lair.

"Under the sea." So creatively decorated! =)

Driving old school-style!

All you need is an imaginary license!

I noticed that almost every girl were carrying one of these bears named Duffy.

It's so popular that they have whole stores with it in all sizes!

The biggest one costed 50 000 yen(about 500 dollars or 4500SEK) and were almost as big as Haruna! ^^

It wouldn't have fitted in any of these bags, that's for sure! ;D

Before they closed there were a fantastic light and fireworks show at the sea.


  1. So cute, I would love to go to Disneyland or Disney Sea one day. Those bags are adorable too ^^

  2. The last pic is stunning!
    Loads of kisses.