Monday, August 29, 2011

The Vacation is Over...

It's been a crazy week. Here on Purikura with the Egg-models Naokyun and Genpon, the French Gyaru-O Chris and Matt, and Jonathan.

I've been hanging out with French people a lot lately. They're really cool! =)

On thursday we saw the two girls in the middle who were visiting from Fukuoka in Japan.

Yes, they doesn't only have similar clothes, they're twins. :)


Went by a Japanese pet shops where animals live in very small boxes waiting to be sold. Would be illegal in many other countries.

One of the puppies in there.

Sometimes they even sell apes at those stores.

On Friday we went to EggNam for some Purikura before going clubbing.

The Egg Models Genpon and Naokyun were there and were stunned when they saw Matt and Chris, and starting taking pictures of them. =)

Purikura together! ^^

On the way to Club Atom. Chris looks like a Final Fantasy character, no wonder the Japanese people thinks he's cool!

It was raining a lot but when it finally stopped Matt and Chris played Super Smash Bros IRL! ;)

Jonathan thought it was funny haha! :D

When Matt and Chris took up their ID-cards to get into Atom you could see how they looked before they had this style. =)

Pretty different!

Inside Atom. Only one floor open now so it's very crowded.

Then went to club Destiny next to Atom, where Jonathan knew some people.

Met this mysterious gyaru/manba girl Yuuki there

Yuuki has been working at a tanning salon, teaches children Japanese writing and drink whiskey for breakfast she said...

She had made her own fake eye-lashes in four different colors and tried to eat as little as possible every other meal. Then she's so hungry the next meal that she eats a lot.

Karaoke in the morning.

It has been happening so much in the week since I came back to Tokyo, that I feel like I already need vacation again! ;)


  1. What do you need a vacation from, too much fun? haha. How about you move to NY and I move there and we switch lives for awhile? :)

  2. Omg those twins are chie and chika from ageha..
    i just love them ♥♥

  3. wow the french guys look pretty awesome :D hihi
    btw, I'm flying there on 27.12
    are you still there then? D:

  4. i wanna go clubbing with men's egg models!!!! T_T


  5. Kanako_ageha:

    Yeah, they're awesome indeed! ^^

    Ah cool! I don't know if I will still be here by then. Hopefully! Would be very cool to meet again! =)

  6. btw, The twins are Chie and Chika famous Ageha models!!! I cant believe you met them! jealous!!

  7. アゲハのぐりぐら姉妹じゃないの。アゲハの時より,実物の方が可愛いね。会えてよかったですね!

  8. omg chie and chika!

  9. How do you get to hang out with so many gyaru models

  10. aoow! stackars lilla valpen :(:(

  11. Snälla posta mer! Jag dör av förväntan!


  13. Love the photo of the twins! They are totally cute! ♥

  14. No wonder they looked so familiar! They're really popular gyaru models. <3