Friday, August 19, 2011

Met Famous Comedian =)

We had a sightseeing day in Stockholm and ended up meeting a famous Swedish comedian. :)


Emmie and Gabrielle are here in Sweden for the week, so I tried to show them around in Stockholm.

They thought it was blonde people everywhere in Sweden, like these entertaining babies that passed by. :D


Started the Stockholm Tour at the youth festival Ung08 in Kungstradgarden.

Some fun activities there! Maybe I'm too old though. :/

Standing in front of the fountain in central Stockholm.

At NK, the most expensive mall in Sweden.

Close to NK I saw one of most famous comedians in Sweden, Peter Magnusson. He once did a show in France so he spoke some French with the girls.

It's him to the left, in a show where they make fun of the royal family of Sweden. He's supposed to look like the king. ;D

Here's the royal familiy's castle, where they hide from Peter Magnusson and his sketches. ;)

Many street perfomers this day.

These were performing in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm.

There it's like Stockholm used to be hundreds of years ago, with small narrow streets. ^^

It's the most popular tourist spot, so there's lots of souvenire shops there. Found the perfect souvenire for a Japanese person to buy. ;)

Took a boat from Gamla Stan to Djurgarden.

They thought the Nordic Museum there looked like the Hogwart castle from Harry Potter.

Later we ate meatballs at their guest house. Doesn't get much more Swedish than that. ;)

Went to the bar Wok House in the night where they have palm trees inside.


Reminds me of the club Cosmos in Tokyo where they also have trees inside. It feels so strange to look at photos from Japan when I'm in Sweden by the way.

Randomly met my sister and her friend Tina who just finished work closeby.

Then tried to get into the club Terassen which is like a big staircase and balcony by the sea. It was a member's night so we couldn't get in. :/

Instead I saw Sweden's 5th most popular blogger Desirée Nilsson at TGI Fridays.

That was our day in Stockholm. =)


  1. Stockholm is very beautiful town ♥ I visited there about 5 years ago and miss that place so much <3 I really want to visit there again soon. There is so much to see and other stuff ((:
    Your posts are awesome btw :DD

  2. cool!

    it cracked me up when you posted the picture of the babies and said there were too many blonde people in sweden! lol must be a big change from japan!!