Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sunset Triplets and Erik

Some days ago I met with Erik to the right from the band Wild Flowers, who recently changed name to Concrete Animals.

Even though me and Erik lives in completley different places in the world, he in Hollywood and I'm in Tokyo, we happened to be in Stockholm at the same time. We met at Café Moda and talked about life. Pretty good hot chocolate!

The triplets from Erik's band has been featured in the music video to Lady Gaga's song Paparazzi. Here you see them at the set with her.

Last time the band were in Japan and attended my Japanese school we went to sing Karaoke at the place used in the movie Lost in Translation.

The triplets documented everything, even how the Karaoke staff served drinks.

After the Karaoke session this cool rock-dude came from nowhere...

...and started jammin' with the band! ^^


They got some Japanese fans on their trip to Japan. Their Japanese fanbase has now signed them up for the radio contest J-Wave which they're doing good in and hope to win.

Here's the song the triplets and Erik in Concrete Animals are competing with. You can also buy it at here at itunes.


  1. hahha cool! I have heard of them before too :P they seem like a fun bunch! :3

    I hope they win the j-wave contest! :D

  2. Cool song! =) haha, the triplets look awesome. :--D

  3. It's funny how they blend in with Lady Gaga, just a bunch of blonde heads xD

  4. are they guys or girls??? i can't tell!! XD

    cool you could hang out again though! and omg, that hot chocolate looks delicious!

  5. karisuma gyaru:

    They're all guys in the band. =)

    Yeah they're really fun to hang out with!
    Heheh I can't drink coffe so I always go with hot chocolate. It was pretty good! ^^