Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blogger Carrying a Street Sign

Yesterday when I were going home from partying in Stockholm I saw something you don't see everyday: two people carrying a street sign. :O

One of them were Hugo Rosas, Sweden's most popular male blogger now.

He's known for doing crazy stuff as challenges in his blog, so maybe there were no coincidence that he was the one carrying the sign. ;)


Then Hugo's friends showed up and he hanged onto their car while they were driving away.

With Hugo. That's not my new hair style, it had just been raining a lot. :/

Earlier that night I saw the blogger Desirée Nilson, that i wrote about before, again.

The Swedish blogosphere including Desirée and Hugo.

Went out with Gabrielle and Emmie, their last night in Sweden.

First to the club LaRoy.


And then Collage.


I was surprised to meet Danielle, who used to be at my Japanese school KAI, there. =)


Now my summer vacation is over and tomorrow I go back to Japan. But before I got up from the sofa I thought about the differences between Sweden and Japan.

I guess the main difference is that people carry around beds in the streets of Japan instead of street signs. ;)


  1. gosh with that hair you remind me of Leonardo Dicaprio XDD
    and damn, Swedish popular bloggers are HOT!

  2. Are you from Sweden and just like to write in english or where are U from?

  3. Really Yapo? I kind of think the Swedish bloggers look like they should be on the Jersey Shore show. To each their own haha!

  4. Mohamed:

    Yes Im from Sweden but I live in Japan. I write in English so that people from other countries than Sweden also can understand.

    I tried to also write in Japanese in the beginning, but it took so long time for me so I gave up. :/

  5. are bloggers so famous in Sweden?? that's funny! maybe you'll be famous one day too!

    oh and btw, i like your rainy hair look :p