Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Funny Moments #20 Gamer Tattoos

When I were shopping in Stockholm yesterday I met a hardcore-gamer shop-staff! =)

Bought the jeans and bag on sale at H&M. Really cheap!

The shoes are from Jack & Jones where I talked about gaming with this nice staff. Naturally he asked his boss to get vacation for going to Tokyo Game Show in September. ;)

I noticed he had Tri-Force from the Zelda games tattooed on his arm, and then he showed me he also had a Super Mario Bros level on his leg. Fun and nostalgic surprise! ^^


  1. The mario tattoo is so cute! I've never played Zelda, so I wouldn't have recognized the Zelda tattoo but that's pretty funny. :)

  2. Awesome!! love the Super Mario Bros tattoo, love that game haha! !!:D I want to get a "Nyan cat" in my foot XDD.

  3. omg! Mario1 tattoo!!! that is insanely cool! in a kinda hipster way, haha...

    i would never get that though... lol.

  4. the tattoos are hawt! like it! ^^

  5. DU, kommer du till ung08?? ;u; det skulle vara über mega coolt att träffa dig!!! *q*

  6. Anonymous:

    Jag kommer nog vara där en stund imorgon och kanske någon mer dag. Ja det vore roligt att träffas! =)

    Maila mig eller adda på Facebook så kan vi bestämma nåt om du vill.

    Facebook: Fredrik Lyck