Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Funny Moments #21 Giant Sofa

I feel so small in Sweden, the land of gigantic vikings...

Found this sofa in Alunda on way home from our summer house. It's promotion for the furniture store in the background.

My new favorite place for meditation! ;)


  1. ehehe.... i heard of a place (museum?) somewhere where everything is built "giant size"... i forget where it is, but this is kinda the same concept! that's cool ;)

  2. Ååh, är du i sverige? :O *seg* hur länge stannar du?

  3. karisuma gyaru:

    oh really? Sounds really cool, I would like to go there! :D

    After sitting in that sofa I think giant furniture are much better than normal. ;)

  4. Becci:

    Yes jag är i Sverige just nu. =)
    Stannar bara tills på söndag tyvärr. :/