Thursday, March 10, 2011

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #21

I've been pretty lazy recently with taking street snaps of people, but when me and some friends saw this guy after a Karaoke session in Kabukichou they told me that I just had to take photos of him. ^^

Kabukichou is the place in Shinjuku where all the Host-clubs are so I suspected that he might
be a host but I've never seen a host with that kind of hair so I was really hesitant.

But he turned out to be a host standing on the street to find customers for his host-club.
The hosts that are standing on the streets in Kabukichou are usually the new ones that
haven't got popular enough yet to just sit and wait for customers in the club.

When I had just taken photos of him he went up to a girl but got ignored.
I know how that feels and he seems really nice so I felt sorry for him. :/

When I see his extremley colorful hair it reminds me of this EGG-model that
always have really colorful hair as well.

I saw him at an EGG Youth Party in times of Halloween so he even had a pumpkin
painted onto his hair somehow! XD

Maybe these two "Masters of Hair Coloring" would have a lot to discuss if they ever meet!

Thanks to your comments here and on Facebook I now know that this guy isn't just some random host.
He's a Visual Kei-artist that have done porn and disguisting stuff from what I read about him and the pictures I saw when I searched on his name...

I'm happy that girl ignored him after all, and I hope the EGG-model never meet him.
Watch out! :O

However I'm really happy to have such well informed and smart readers!!^^
I learn so much from you! Thank you!! =)


  1. OH MY GOD! supr oshare hosts!!! <3 (*A*) totally AGEPOYO!

  2. OMG!!!! so crazy!!! But too cool!!!

  3. i think his name was something with maria? O:
    he used to perform at the streets but then later-on switched to being a host.
    might be wrong about that though :/ maybe it's not him >w<

  4. he really look like maria but last time i saw maria in summer 10 he had pink hair. and sit by the shinjuku station and sung his crazy songs sounds really bad but funny haha just youtube it maria shinjuku or something like that

  5. Wow, love the colours but... gosh, the maintenance!?

  6. He looks liek that maria Cross guy who got arrested for having sex with an underage boy XD

  7. yep that's def Maria ! <3
    you should check this out Fredrik:

  8. Julia:

    Yeah you're right, it's that Maria Cross guy.
    I didn't know about him before, but I heard a lot of crazy stuff about him now...

  9. ♥Mein Leben♥:

    Yeah it's him and I just saw a YouTube video of him performing in Shinjuku. Didn't know about it before. Seems like a strange guy... :/

  10. Unni:

    Oh that's horrible...

    Hearing that makes me wanna remove this blog post. :(
    Anyway, maybe the blog post can be a warning. :/

  11. Stina:

    Thanks for sharing the link Stina!

    I have never seen or heard anything about this guy before. I'm passing the place he's performing on in the video a lot, so I'm suprised to never have noticed him.

  12. Maria cross is now a host too ^o^

  13. Oh he puts a lot of effort into his hair coloring XD

    The second guy made me laugh because he's wearing all girls clothing from tutuHA and GLAD NEWS haha!

  14. omg, i was flipping through men's yukai the other day and saw an add with this guy on it and all i could think was "creepy!!!" i mean, i guess when you are a new host, you have to do whatever you can to stand out buuuut... this seems a bit much! :/

  15. His hair is so colorful!
    By the way I heard that there was an Earthquake in Japan! :( I hope that you are OK!
    ~Kawaii Kiki

  16. are you ok after the earthquake??(((p(>o<)q))) ギャアアア!!!I'm so worried about everyone~!

  17. hope you and all your friends are ok!!

  18. ahh omg weird ><

    I hope you and everyone you know are okay because of these terrible earthquakes and tsunami ):

  19. Hey Dude! Are you ok????? Hope you and your friends are safe...

  20. Hi,
    I stumbled across your blog a couple of days ago, I hope you're ok after the earthquake and tsunamis...

  21. I heard about the earthquake, I hope you are alright :O

  22. I'm just fine!!
    And as far as I know, everyone I know here is okey as well!

    Thank you so much for asking!!

  23. I just found this...XD

  24. That kind of hair with the color is so easy to make. Hard to maintain. I bet the other one is using those spray colors and the other maybe also but clearly some of the hair is done by using different color pens.