Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Rice in Japan!?

Today I talked with a nice Japanese gyaru couple that's here in Sydney as students. They thought it was so funny that I was carrying around a plastic bag from the Japanese superstore Don Kihote in the middle of Sydney... ;D

It's the first time I've ever seen Japanese gyaru outside of Japan so I was really surprised. Everything was okey with their families in Japan and they didn't seem too worried, but they said that there's no rice in Japan right now! :O

Maybe they only meant in certain parts of Japan? It sounds unbelievable that there wouldn't be any rice in Japan... I mean rice is so common that the word "gohan" both means meal and rice. There was probably a lot of ricefields ruined by the tsunami though.

I'm sorry for not having a picture of the cute gyaru couple by the way. I hate when I forget to bring my camera and have to tell a story about something without good pictures. All I could show you now was a plastic bag and some rice... Worst blog post ever!! XD


  1. what a cute bag ! XD
    hope you're right that only certain parts are riceless D:

  2. i really doubt that the "no rice in japan" thing is true... there is no shortage of anything in my region, and there are rice fields all-over japan... the only thing that may happen is the price of rice going up a bit, but still...