Tuesday, March 1, 2011

★ Ren & Hiroki - Best Friends Forever れん&ひろき、ベストフレンドほど仲良し ★

The funniest duo in Japan is back and ready to eat a box of Swedish chocolate!! =D

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might recognize these two. 
Otherwise you can read about the first time I met them here.  

Ren & Hiroki knows everything about the concrete jungles of Tokyo.
You don't decide when to meet them, they just appear at random places when
you're bored making life much more fun! XD

Here I'm standing next to a soda machine waiting for the train to take me to Harajuku,
where I was going to meet a half-philippine gyaru named Hitomi.

With Hitomi. She's a member of the gyaru-circle Jewel and were hanging out with a member from
the gyaru-circle Logos today in Harajuku. 

Far from all gyaru are members of gyaru-circles anymore,
but there's still many around arranging events and dancing Para-Para.

Hitomi is in the bottom left corner of the Purikura photo to ther right, together with some other Jewel-members.


She was kinda hard to recognize because every time you meet her she have a new hair style.

I met Hitomi for the first time at club Atom's Renewal Party a couple of months ago, through our common friend Amikoro to the left. I love Hitomi's pose and nails!

She's not only great at setting up her hair, she also decorates her nails in really cool ways. One of her nail decorations to ther right.

But her friend Amikoro is even more extreme. Just look at the nails above that Amikoro decorated!! :O

I gave Hitomi an "Absolut Svensk"-shirt. Now she has officially been "Swedified" like so many others. ;)

Then I went to the shopping center LaForét to look at their latest fashion. Always entertaining! XD

Looking forward to see someone wearing this mask! :P

More inspiring outfits...

This hat is just too much hahaha!! But people do wear these kind of stuff in Japan.

Like this couple that Said photographed for our street snap web site TokyoFaces a while ago.

Most of their clothes and accessories were homemade but they had definitley bought the shoes at
that store.

On my way home I saw two people looking like EGG-models outside this store on Takeshita street.

But when I came closer I saw that it was Ren & Hiroki. Even better than EGG-models!!^^
We were both so suprised and happy to meet again! =)

They had just been buying the purple belts they're wearing to match eachother and now they were getting customized friendship bracelets.

They were waiting for an old lady in the store to write their names on bracelets like this. They were
so nice and complimented her a lot on how great she was at writing their names on the bracelets.

Me: -"What have you two been up to lately?"

Hiroki: -"Oh just the same old. Nothing exciting has happend." (sad face)

Me: -"Do you like chocolate?"

Ren & Hiroki: -"Yeah we love chocolate!!"

Me: -"I was recently in Sweden. You can have this chocolate box as a souvenir if you want."

Ren & Hiroki: -"Wooow!! Can we really have this!?? Thanks Rikku!!

Hiroki: -"Who were you here to meet?"

Me: -"A gyaru friend."

Hiroki: -"Hahaha Rikku has become a gyaru!!"

-"I saw a foreign gyaru-circle on Kawaii TV. They were really cute.
Everytime we see foreigners we think that it might be your friends."


Ren making a funny face as usual! ;D

Ren: -"Have you talked to Akkiina since last time we met?"

Me: -"Yeah I met him at a EGG Youth Party. He was very nice but super shy and started laughing like a girl when I talked to him."

Ren: -"Hahah yeah Akkiina is gay."

With Bataason, Akkiina and Gakkii before a EGG Youth Party in 2010.

Me: -"Let's take a picture together."

Ren: -"How?"

*I ask a person that walks by to take our picture.*

-"Ah, Sasu Ga Rikku!!" = "Ah, that's so typical Rikku!!"

Then we decide to walk to Shibuya to take some Purikura, and on the way Ren and Hiroki tries all the Swedish "Paradis"-chocolate resulting in the funniest video so far on this blog!!^^

I wish I knew how to subtitle videos. Here's a summary of what happens:

Ren and Hiroki realizes I'm filming a video and not just taking a picture and starts laughing! XD

Hiroki takes a photo of the chocolate for his blog while Ren stares at it with extremley high expectations.

Ren takes a bite of the chocolate and thinks it tastes way too good...

...So he goes into some kind of trance and his eyes almost starts rolling around! XD

Hiroki's favourite chocolate inside the box of chocolate was the "Triple Nut" that he's pointing at. 

All of a sudden Yukino comes up to me. Ren and Hiroki are shy, so they run 10 meters away while continue to eat the chocolate.

Hiroki: -"Do you have a girlfriend?"

Me: -"No, do you two have girlfriends?"

Ren & Hiroki: -"No." 

Me: -"Why? You could easily get girlfriends."

Hiroki: -"We don't care so much. It's just as fun to hang out with normal friends."

Ren: -"I like Rihanna."

Older Japanese people want to be as white as possible to the extent that they even have umbrellas when it's sunny. But not Ren.

He seems obsessed with getting tanned and goes to solarium one or two times a week. 
Maybe he wants to get the same skin tone as Rihanna. I'm just worried he will get skin cancer or something if he never stops. :/

When we reached Shibuya we went to "Purikura Mekka" to take Purikura but some gyaru circle Ren and Hiroki didn't want to meet were hanging outside there.

So Ren and Hiroki started discussing where they could go instead and it was so funny to listen to them. They know exactly every place where you can take Purikura, where there's rules that only let girls come in and where it's crowded certain times of the day.


We took Purikura in two different machines. Here's the photos.

Ren got happy when I told him he looks like a Disney character on some of the pictures! :D

After taking the photos it was time for a classic Purikura game. You have to arrange the pieces on the screen into a complete picture.

I have seen so many people try this and fail. But when I asked Ren if he's good at this game, he was confident that he could make it. Ren and Hiroki never brag so this was going to be exciting to watch:

When it was only 10 second left Ren still wasn't done so I thought he would loose...

But one second later he's done! The Purikura machine just got p0wned!!! =D

His face after winning is priceless!! XD
Looks like he's thinking -"I told you so!!" ^^

Then we went to Shibuya 109-2 looking around and talking to the staff
there before this adventure was over and we had to go home.

I'm happy that the BFF Ren and Hiroki met eachother in this cold world, and I can't wait to meet
them again making me forget all about it!! ;D


  1. Cpuld you link akkiina's blog? he looks sooo cute *__*

  2. i love this entry!

    I'm so encouraged to see Hitomi, a half filipina gyaru since I'm full filipina myself. Do you know any other filipina or half filipina gyaru besides Hitomi? Anyway, I love her style!

    Your adventure wih Ren and Hiroki is so cute! I love the video where you show their reaction eating the chocolate.. hehe

    and Ren completing that purikura puzzle in the nick of time is amazing!

    love reading all your entries, haven't commented lately because my computer is broken, but I always try to catch your entries on my iphone! :D

  3. how old are hiroki and Ren? I hope you run into them again they seem really nice and uber funny. Also how do gyaru/Gyaruo feel about gay people?

  4. Haha your friends sound like their a lot of fun!

    Cant wait to see more from them :)

  5. Ohhh those two are soooo cute!
    Påminner mig lite om Piff och Puff av någon anledning! XD

    Cheers for an entertaining post as always, loved the vid - had me smiling throughout.

    Absolut Agepoyo! (^^)b

  6. I love Hitomis nails! ♥
    I could never finish the purigames, so hard and stressful, haha XD

  7. I really love this entry. it seem it makes a lot of fun to hang out with ren and hiroki.
    i'm looking forward to see more about your exciting life in shibuya. :D

  8. Aw Hitomi looks great!
    And aaaaaah the socks in the photo of that "store" are SO cute! I want the ones with the skulls and bows..or rilakkuma~ haha
    Akkiina's hair is cool (*0*) is he really gay or did Ren only say so?
    Funny Purikura! lol @ Hiroki who buts lipbalm on all the time while Ren is playing XD

  9. wah, this entry made me all smile-y :). this is a really nice entry~
    thank you and keep it up :D

  10. how many of the mens egg/ mens egg youth models are gay/bi?
    Fangirl needs to know! xD

  11. Ren looks totally adorable in the video, ahaha! I love his expressions, so cute! And those paradis chocolates really are heavenly:D
    Amikoro's nails are simply stunning...but i wonder how on earth she's able to do her make up with nails like that? I guess I'll find that out, since I want to get my nails all blinged-out the second my plane lands in Narita! I only have 2 weeks left in Finland, wonderful!
    Hey, I have a question you! I was wondering what song is your karaoke favourite?

  12. aren't you gonna answer the questions?

  13. Anonymous 1:

    Here is the link to Akkiina's blog, but many of the pictures can't be seen unless you're using a Japanese cell phone. :(


  14. Pinksugarichigo:

    Oh thank you so much for your comment!! ^^
    I hope your computer will be ok soon!

    To answer your question:

    "Do you know any other filipina or half filipina gyaru besides Hitomi?"

    Marika, also called Marifume, that used to be working at Tutuha in Shibuya 109 and modelling for EGG is half philippina as well.

    But she recently moved to Australia, so I'm not sure if she will continue being a gyaru or not.

  15. Anonymous:

    Thanks for your comment!! ^^
    Yeah hopefully I run into them again! =)

    "how old are hiroki and Ren?"

    I think they are 19 years old. Hiroki is a little bit older than Ren if I remember correctly.

    "Also how do gyaru/Gyaruo feel about gay people?"

    Good question but I'm not sure. :/
    Most of the Gyaru/Gyaru-O aren't gay, but they doesn't seem to have any problem with having gay friends, and I don't think they look down on gay people in any way.

  16. Ri:

    Hahahaha, ja Piff & Puff!! Eller hur!! ^^

    Jag tror det var dem jag tänkte på när jag sa att Ren såg ut som en Disney-figur.

  17. Yukimi:

    Oh hahah I didn't think much about the socks before, but you're right! ^^
    Funny socks! =D

    Yeah Akkiina is kinda openly gay. It was some pictures in EGG where he was running around with a rainbow colored "Pride"-flag or something etc.

  18. Deea:

    The only one I know is Akkiina.
    I think he's the only one being it openly at least.

    Maybe there is more, but they would probably loose a lot of female fans if they came out with being gay. Or at least the female fans would look differently on them I guess.

    Akkiina is still popular though.

  19. Maija:

    Yeah how she manages to do her make-up with those nails is a good question!! XD

    My favorite song in Karaoke is probably Lady Gaga's Paparazzi since that used to be one of my favorite songs when she was a new artist, and I know the triplets in that video.

    When it comes to Japanese songs I like SuG's song "Love Scream Party!" but usually nobody else but me knows it. :/

    What's your favorite song??

    Oh cool that you are coming to Japan!! ^^
    There will be some events this month if you want to come.
    How long will you be here??

    If I doesn't already have you as a friend on Facebook you can add me on Facebook if you want to hang out. =)

    Fredrik Lyck

  20. Anonymous 3:

    Sorry for late answers, I have so much in school with homework and tests recently. :/

  21. I don't know how gyaru can wear sooo much on their nails! Maybe because they have cute little hands so they can get away with it, I'm not sure. But I know I would feel like a creature with claws and probably stab myself in the eye! XD hehe

    Those two seem like an adorable duo :3 But I think I like Hiroki more, more manly xD

    I love your blog, it's my favourite, you always seem to get up to such interesting things in Tokyo! :) Makes me excited to move over there one day, or go on exchange in the next year or too, hopefully I can have just as many fun adventures ne ^__^ but for now it's going to be my motivation for learning Japanese in university, so I can meet such amazing people on my Japan trips (:

    wishing you many more fun-filled days,
    emi xo

  22. OMG! your blog is so cool boy!

    hahaha is very funny the way you post your conversation, love it!

    Your friends are the best (≧▽≦)

  23. Aww japan seems to be full of nice and interesting people! :> I`d love to "experience" Japan too, maybe one day..! :----)

  24. Great blog!^.^
    I just spent about one hour reding all the posts^^

  25. I know you hear that often, but i loooove youre blog ^^
    Keep on that good work it's really inspiring.

    Could you make a post of youre favourite spots in tokyo?
    I will be there in about 5 weeks, and ive been there before but it would be interesting which locations, shops, restaurants etc you find great.
    And i guess other people would be interested as well ^^
    Now i know you like atom, 109, takin purikura but i would love to see more! :3

    Good luck with youre tests and youre blog!!

  26. wow i'm so happy i found your blog~~ あげぽよ!
    Thanks for sharing, it brings back memories for me seeing your blog, reminding me of my times in Tokyo さげぽよ( T_T )
    But i'm lucky to come back every year haha!
    THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN! you made my day happy! I enjoy hearing of your adventures on this blog!

  27. Do you happen to know Ren's and Hiroki's blogs?~

  28. "Maybe he wants to get the same skin tone as Rihanna"

    lol that's cute! I love your blog! You're so lucky to be studying in Japan! I'm going with my friend Hiro in the summer. Your blog makes me so excited to go & visit!!

  29. boy puri!!!

    i'm so happy i found your blog.. lol!

  30. I L-O-V-E Ren and Hiroki, they're just so adooorable! If you see them again, can't you ask them for their blog urls? :)

  31. Omg, Hiroki & Ren! <3 Jag har nog blivit lite småkär i dem båda två nu. Väntar på nästa träff!
    Jättebra blogg, jättekul! :-)

  32. do you know Hiroki's blog??

  33. Leah, Kip and Anonymous:

    I tried to found Hiroki's blog but he have deleted his Mixi account where the link used to be, and I can't find it on Google. :(

    Sorry, I will try to ask him next time we talk and then tell you!

    I don't think Ren have a blog.

  34. Here is the URL to Hiroki's blog:


    Sadly many of the pictures can't be seen from a PC I guess, since it's made for Japanese cell phones. I heard there's some software which fixes that though.