Thursday, February 24, 2011

Street Snap of the Day 今日のストリートスナップ #20

This Liz Liza staff in Shibuya 109 was announcing a "Time Sale for the jacket she is holding.

Time Sales are very common in Japan. All of a sudden the shop staff goes outside the store and starts shouting that it's a Time Sale. That means that it's a price discount, but only for a limited time.

The Time Sale can last for some hours, or sometimes only 30 minutes. Sometimes it's a price discount on certain items for that time, and sometimes on everything in the store.

Time Sale in one of the stores in Harajuku's biggest shopping mall LaForét!

Maybe it's a way to stress people into buying unnecessary things! ;D
Because they always play music louder than in a night club while all the staff is shouting "Time Sale!!! Time Sale!!!" making it impossible for you to think clearly... XD

It's Time Sale!!! You know you can't resist!! ;)


  1. Oh wow, I could never ever resist that! XD

    + Liz lisa staff chan looks suuuuuuper cute! :3

  2. Wow, I've never heard of time sales~ that's so interesting!

    Haha! Yes! I think maybe that's why they do it--with so much going on, it's almost impossible NOT to buy something!! haha

    I love the outfit of the Liz Lisa staff~ so cute!

    Glad you're having so much fun!! :D

  3. Awwhh the Liz Lisa staffer does look adorable!! ❤❤ I love her outfit!

    Time sales!! Woooww, never heard of anything like that before. I think I'd end up squandering all my money with the existence of time sales (*´д`*) I wonder how much the original prices are discounted.

  4. Wow that's what I call marketing strategy! ~ consumers won't feel too guilty for buying too much also!:D :D

  5. What a great way to get people to come buy stuff!! I don't even think I would attempt it unless I knew exactly what I wanted, because the loud noises, crowds and time limits would definitely stress me out XD

  6. Thankfully (for my budget!) I only ever run into time sales in supermarkets these days, so it's not so bad. And hopefully delicious/healthy. ;P

  7. Waa the LizLisa staff was so cute!
    The Time Sale reminds me of Romanian "loppis" (lol for swedish word) or market, when these fat women dressed in long dresses com out screaming : "Panties! We have panties! Come and get your panties! Low priced panties!" Lol its epic. Though nobody rushes to get the panties.

  8. hahaha, that looks ridicoulus! I would NOT have been able to think or see clearly during a time sale, haha..

  9. time sale is pretty good though O:
    especially if the item you wants goes into that sale and you can snatch it for 980yen or something (for a maxi dress with floral print that was really kind of cheap! : D ♥)

  10. Time sales are so crazy! I remember one summer at the Super Lovers Laforet store my friends and I were crawling on our hands and knees for clothes T_T They're so stressful but fun at the same time~ I really miss it!

  11. No~ I like time sale. Im happy if I can get these clothes cheaper than usual. Sometimes I wish there would be time sale in Germany too.. 笑