Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Met The Real Rilakkuma!! (And Other Funny People)

This guy with a overzised Rilakkuma hat has been wandering around in Shibuya and Shinjuku
playing on his flute.

He doesn't ask for money or care about anything around him. Nobody knows what he want.
I guess he just adore Rilakkuma and enjoy playing on his flute.

Here he just got a party invitation but he didn't wanna go.

Watch "The Real Rilakkuma" in action here:

I'm not sure who is more funny, The Real Rilakkuma or The Tiger Lady?
You can read more about my encounter with The Tiger Lady here. 

If you have been following this blog for a while you might remember when Hiroki, Ren and me met 
The Mad Hatter and Jack Sparrow. You can read about that here.

The Mad Hatter is a really outgoing person that likes to hang out in Kabukichou where all the hosts
are in Shinjuku.

Last time I saw The Mad Hatter he was drawing great charcoal paintings.
One of the paintings almost looks like his friend Jack Sparrow. Maybe he misses him?

My friend lately showed me pictures of him hanging out with hosts. Is that his new career!? ;D


An intresting person I've forgot to mention about is "The Amazing Soccer Fan" that runs around in a Japan's soccer uniform and has a Japanese flag sticking out of his backpack.

He's very easy to spot from far away!^^

My personal favorite is this guy that belives he has the super power to make people stop smoking.
He was standing in the middle of Shibuya using the different instruments in the box behind him to achieve this. The maraccas is only one of his powerfuls weapons in the fight against smoking.

Well, I think his purpose is really good. In Europe it's forbidden with promotion of cigaretts, and on the packages it's scary pictures of polluted lungs etc. But in Japan the Tobacco companies are free to glorify smoking like this everywhere, with posters of fit cool people enjoying it... Not OK.

So it's not easy being the "Super Anti-Smoking Man" or whatever we should call him. After a while of hard work "Super Anit-Smoking Man" almost gave up and yelled: -"No matter what I do, you people won't stop smoking!!"

Maybe if The Real Rilakkuma, Tiger Lady, Mad Hatter, Amazing Soccer Fan and Super Anti-Smoking Man teamed up they could accomplish this mission!? :/

If they're the good guys, I guess this must be one of the villains! ;)
It's so many fascinating people in Tokyo, that it sometimes feels like it's just a big experiment.


  1. Japanese people are so cute and unique!^^

  2. wooo great people there (^.^)b although you must mean jack sparrow, not shepard right? : D

  3. "Maybe if The Reak Rilakkuma, Tiger Lady, Mad Hatter, Amazing Soccer Fan and Super Anti-Smoking Man teamed up they could accomplish this mission!? :/" och sen bilden!
    hahahahahaah jag skrattade så mycket! :D

  4. Jag älskar mad hatter-killen. Men det vet du ju redan.

  5. interesting people.
    and wow, mad hatter and captain jack sparrow look so authentic. they go all out on their costumes.

  6. Ahhh, I miss Tokyo now. ;)
    There's not really a concentration or weird,wacky and wonderful people here. They're fewer and far between... Oh well. Only more more month!! o.O

  7. LOOK!

    i love ur blog!!
    ive read every single one of them :P

  8. Love the photo with and the Mad Hatter and Jack Sparrow! BTW it's Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of Caribean) and not Jack Shappard (from Lost)!
    Good point for "Super-Anti-Smoking-Man", love his fight!

  9. This is why I love Japanese people~...... Thats why Im crazy too..... I got it from my Japanese side~ XD lol ha ha cool pics by the way~ n_n

  10. his name is jack sparrow...