Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Meeting with TV-Star!!

When I was going home from school one day in my hometown Shin-Okubo I saw a TV-team making some documentary. And then I noticed this girl from Iran that has become a Japanese TV-star. Her life story is so amazing you won't believe it...

When I had recently come to Japan I thought Japanese seemed almost impossible to learn, but then I saw a TV-show with this girl named Sahel Rosa. Her Japanese and way of acting was exactly like a native Japanese person so I got really chocked.

Here she is in a Japanese TV-commercial:

Lately Korean Pop music has become super popular in Japan, and especially this band "KARA".
Their songs has been playing everywhere constantly and the fact that they are coming to Japan for a concert soon is the biggest news story in a long time.

So recently every TV-channel there is has been in Shin-Okubo(Korea Town) where I live to document this "Korean Wave" with the Korean Pop Idol shops packed everywhere etc.

When I went up to Sahel and told her that I've seen her on TV and read about her in magazines she was so nice!

I read an article in the magazine Metropolis about her background story. When she was 4 years old her home in Iran was bombed and her mother, father and all of her 10 siblings died! :O

Sahel got buried under the masses from the house, but four days later somebody saw her hand sticking out of there so she was saved and miraculously survived!

After she lost her family she was in an orphanage for a few years but nobody wanted to adopt her. After appearing in an government-sponsored TV commercial asking people to become foster parents of war orphans the nurse Flora on the picture adopted her when she was 7 years old.

Flora's fiancé was Japanese so the next year Sahel moved to Japan with them, but the fiancé didn't seem to want Sahel in his life so he threw them out after three weeks and they had to live in shelter parks.

Sahel had to survive on the school lunches during the weekdays, and on the the weekends and holidays they could only eat food samples from super markets they give out to the shoppers.
And in school Sahel was picked on by bullies.

Eventually she thought about commiting suicide, but she continued to struggle with learning Japanese, went to University and drama school and is now a model and has a leading role in Japan's entertainment world appearing in everything from documentaries and drama to commercials and game shows. Wow!!!

Some of the pictures and this information comes from the article about Sahel Rosa in the magazine Metropolis which you can read on their website here.

Here is a clip from a TV-show with Sahel:

Sahel has written a book named "From War Zone to Actress" and dreams
about opening an orphanage in Iran.

It's so inspiring how she can keep up this good attitude and be so incredibly nice to everybody even though her whole family was killed, she was thrown out on the street and being bullied.

Hearing about her hardships make me feel like my own troubles in life is nothing.
She really deserves everything good that comes to her!!^^


  1. omg that was very touching. And she is such a beautiful strong woman! Definitely an inspiration.

  2. That a whole new meaning to the word "survive". Poor girl :(

  3. omg that is very very touching! and so great! *-*

  4. That was a very inspiring story. Good for her!

  5. That's what I call a lifestory. And yet it's far from over! What a woman! Thanks for sharing, it makes us ganbarouing more to hear those kind of stories XD we can do it!

  6. Woow, extremely inspiring. It's people like these who are able to give new meaning and reality to the word 'hope'. ❤ Thanks so much for the story!!!

  7. Ohh wow, I've seen her on TV on occasion and just thought "awww, she looks pretty/seems nice", but I had no idea she had such a tough background!!! Thank you for sharing. ^^
    Supersuperagepoyo!!! 0(≧▽≦)0

  8. awwwwwwwww that is so cool that you had the chance to meet her in person~ so lucky!!! *3*

  9. oh my god what a touching story! i feel like i should be more grateful that i have a family and a place to live. this was a good post!

  10. Wow I would have never had any idea! Very inspiring story!