Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Purikura Says More Than 1000 Words...

I have been really sick for more than a week now so that's why I haven't updated lately. :(
I tried to find some Purikura that describes how bad I feel right now...

"Sick" Purikura... Right when I thought I was fine my condition got worse. 
Tried to write a blog post yesterday but gave up because my head ached too much.

I thought it wouldn't be any readers left since I haven't updated for a week, but I got really suprised and happy when I logged in yesterday and saw that it's still a lot of people checking this blog.

Thank you very very much and I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating or answering any
comments lately! I can't believe I have such great readers!!^^

While being sick I have been playing the game Last Story, that was just released here. It's the best selling game in Japan right now, produced by Nintendo and the key people behind Final Fantasy.

The artwork is amazing as always in Japanese role playing games.
It's important for Japanese people that the characters they play with are fashionable.

When I bought the game you could also try the new Nintendo 3DS.
Nintendo 3DS lets you play games in 3D without any glasses on, and it works really well!

The only problem was that me and my friends felt a bit dizzy after playing, but maybe that will be
okey when you get used to it?
Anyhow you can adjust the 3D-effect using the switch on the right side of the screen.

Closeby they were working on a golden Mecha-robot. If you've been to Japan you probably
guessed by now that all of this took place in the electric town Akihabara.

In one of the most famous game stores in Akihabara called "Super Potato" they have Super Mario comics in Swedish on the walls by the way!^^

Well now I have to go to school on pain killers which is soo Sagepoyo! :(
Take care!!


  1. Oh no! Being sick is no fun! :(
    Get lots of rest, and don't worry--we'll happily wait for your posts, so long as you're feeling better! ^^

    Haha~ I laughed really hard when I saw the first puri! it looks like it was so much fun to decorate! xD

    The new game looks great~ the artwork is amazing! *_*
    And I think I would get dizzy from the 3-D games, too! haha~

    Oh! And is that adorable girl the same Jenny from your post about Kawaii TV?? I was wondering if she has a blog or something??

    Well, I hope you feel better soon~ ^^/

  2. please take care of your self ^_^ and get well soon! :D

  3. i hope that you will feel better really soon! please rest well ^^)/☆

  4. Hoppas du mår bättre snart!
    Klart vi fortsätter titta in här!
    Detta är trots allt min favoritblogg! Blir alltid så glad när jag ser ett nytt inlägg ifrån dig :D

  5. I hope you'll get better soon ;__; I've had an erupton in my eye for a week now, it's not nice either. Lot's of painkillers do amazing things :)

  6. Awww, glad you're feeling a bit better at least!

    That game's more popular than Mon-Han even? o.O

    Otippat med Mario på svenska, men gillagillagilla. ^^

    Krya på dig! ^^ Grymt glad över att du kunnat blogga igen, har saknat min (nästan) dagliga agepoyo! (^^*)